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Armoniel (22 Unlocks!)
Two devilish characters, a new challenge, and unlockable items!
Created 2 years ago



THIS MOD IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH Specialist Dance for Good Items

SLIGHTLY INCOMPATIBLE WITH Epiphany (the new challenge malfunctions)



- Just the new items, no unlocking required!
- Just Armoniel (+ Tainted Armoniel) and the new challenge
- Just the new challenge


- Completion Marks for ALL Modded Chars!
- External Item descriptions or Encyclopedia


Armoniel is a devilish new character who is prepared to make sacrifices in order to gain power. Quite devilish indeed- He can only encounter Devil Rooms! As long as he lives, the light of an Angel Room will never grace him after a grueling boss fight. However, he is primed to make the most of it. He starts with a whopping FIVE hearts (four red, one black) and a Goat Head, plus any Devil Room he enters is guaranteed to have at least one item on offer. So, there's plenty of opportunity to be had in Deals with the Devil. As for Key Pieces, just ask some of his friends in the Devil Rooms (with a bomb).


The Sacrifice

Tainted Armoniel is a new, subversively tricky character with a lot of potential. He starts with SIX (?!) red hearts, high speed & damage, and a new pocket-slot active item. Pedestal items he encounters are often accompanied by a second one, which costs a heart container. He can also sacrifice heart containers with his active item to trigger a Diplopia effect, turning meat into EVEN MORE ITEMS! The thing is, he has a troubled relationship with HP, as he can have no more than six hearts of any kind, and he can't even pick up red hearts from the ground! Plus that active item of his doesn't just take away heart containers, it replaces them with broken hearts, effectively making his maximum health even smaller. What this all means is that you can grow powerful quickly, but getting carried away will come back to bite you later! Strike a good balance, and success will be yours!

Can you successfully tap into the dark powers to overcome the bosses and unlock new items?


Vicious Cycle - This item is available as soon as you install this mod!

Voracious Vice - Defeat Mom's Heart/It Lives! on Hard Mode as Armoniel

Pill Spill - Defeat Mom's Heart/It Lives! on Hard Mode as Armoniel

Devil's Food - Defeat Satan as Armoniel

Cursed Floor Tile - Defeat the Lamb as Armoniel

Countercurse Mantra - Defeat Isaac as Armoniel

D111 - Defeat ??? as Armoniel

Boo-Boo! - Defeat Hush as Armoniel

Goiter Gulp - Defeat Delirium as Armoniel

Molting Baby - Defeat Mega Satan as Armoniel

Black/White Card - Defeat the Boss Rush as Armoniel

Insta-Buddy/Ambush! - Defeat Ultra Greed as Armoniel

Ripped Dollar - Defeat Ultra Greedier as Armoniel

Katar - Defeat Mother as Armoniel

Mysterious Eye - Defeat the Beast as Armoniel

Possessed Baby - Earn all Hard Mode completion marks as Armoniel

Gross Finger - Defeat Isaac, ???, Satan, and the Lamb as Tainted Armoniel

Gray Card - Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Armoniel

Soul of Armoniel - Defeat Hush and the Boss Rush as Tainted Armoniel

Magic Bone - Defeat Mega Satan as Tainted Armoniel

Boline - Defeat Delirium as Tainted Armoniel

Lasery Eye - Defeat Mother as Tainted Armoniel

Meatloaf - Defeat the Beast as Tainted Armoniel

Armoniel holds the Sacrificial Altar - Complete the new challenge: No Pain, No Gain


Do you need more pain in your life? If so, there's a new challenge for you: No Pain, No Gain ! In this challenge, you play as Maggy with 6 red hearts. Grabbing pickups, besides hearts and batteries, hurts you now! Worse yet, pedestal items all cost a heart container. Ouch! At least the Shops are still normal.


- External item descriptions
- Encyclopedia
- MiniMAPI
- Sewing machine
- Any mod that uses Music Mod Callback


This mod comes with a few console commands for locking/unlocking its content.

arunlockitem - Accepted parameters include "all" (unlocks everything), "sacrificial altar start" (beats new challenge), "two pills" (unlocks new pills), or any new item's name in lowercase, separated by spaces as needed

arlockitem - Same as arunlockitem, but this command re-locks items

Note that re-locking Tainted Armoniel's unlocks will require use of arlockitem AND arlocktaintedboss.

arunlockhardboss - Accepted parameters include "all" (beats all bosses on Hard Mode as Armoniel), or any applicable boss's name in lowercase, separated by spaces as needed.

arlockhardboss - Same as arunlockhardboss, but this command "un-beats" bosses on Hard Mode as Armoniel

Note that the flags which determine the locked/unlocked status of Voracious Vice, Pill Spill, and Ripped Dollar are the same flags that count as Armoniel victories against those unlocks' respective bosses on Hard Mode.

arunlocktaintedboss - Accepted parameters include "all" (beats all bosses as Tainted Armoniel), or any applicable boss's name in lowercase, separated by spaces as needed.

arlocktaintedboss - Same as arunlockhardboss, but this command "un-beats" bosses as Tainted Armoniel.


Q : Is this compatible with co-op?
A : It should be! Everything has been designed/reworked with the possibility of multiple players in mind. While this has been tested, the testing wasn't exactly extensive.

Q : Do I need to unlock certain vanilla content before this mod can use it?
A : Content from this mod can provide indirect access to locked vanilla content, with one exception: The new challenge can only be accessed if you have unlocked the Womb.


- Onyx, for their modder's resource Achievement System
- Lytebringr, for their fantastic tutorial series
- The Modding of Isaac community, the Sewing Machine Fan Club, and Wofsauge's Modding Central for help and advice
- Hopefully you, for letting me know about any concerns in the comments!


x 7

- In the new challenge, Maggy now starts with NO! gulped, since she can already start with a pill

- Tainted Armoniel's main menu text now displays more consistently

- Vicious Cycle now only gives one extra Devil Room item per floor when playing as The Lost/Tainted Lost

- Fixed incompatibility with Custom Health API

- Added extra failsafe for achievement information improperly initializing

- Made function recognition of multiple players EVEN BETTER

- Improved function consideration for the presence of multiple player characters

- Altered card/rune spawning function to prevent crashing

- Tainted Armoniel no longer spawns extra collectibles if he lacks heart containers

- Tainted Armoniel's extra collectibles now use normal Devil deal prices, if ever applicable

- The price of Tainted Armoniel's extra collectibles no longer changes to 99 cents when rerolled by things like Binge Eater/Soul of Isaac

- Stage checking function is no longer stupid, so things like the new pills work normally regardless of the game's language

- Level 2 Gaper, Level 2 Gusher, and Level 2 Horf removed from list of enemies spawned by new pills

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