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The Binding of Cave Story: Unremastered
Now you too can enjoy the OST of the original Cave Story!
Created 7 years ago

This mod is compatible with both Rebirth and Afterbirth!

The playlist is from this mod (Cave Story+ OST), courtesy of FirelessDragon!
This music mod changes the ingame music to the soundtrack from the PC freeware indie game "Cave Story"!

Music Changes

Chapter 1:

Basement - On to Grasstown
Cellar - Mischievous Robots
Burning Basement/Cellar - Cemetery

Chapter 2:

Caves - Meltdown 2
Catacombs - Jenka 2
Flooded Caves - Pulse

Chapter 3:

Depths - Last Cave
Necropolis - Halloween 2*
Dank Depths - Scorching Back

Chapter 4:

Utero/Womb - Living Waterway
Scarred Womb - White
Blue Womb - Safety

Chapter 5:

Cathedral - Balcony
Sheol - Gestation

Chapter 6:

Dark Room - Seal Chamber
The Chest - Wind Fortress

Special rooms:

Secret Room - Moonsong
Shop - Jenka 1
Library - Geothermal
Arcade - Mimiga Town

Versus themes:

Boss fight - Eyes of Flame
Alternate Boss fight - Eyes of Flame*
The calm (Music after bosses) - Quiet
Mom fight - Gravity
It Lives! fight - Zombie
Satan/Isaac fight - Oppression
The Lamb/Blue baby fight - Last Battle
The Hush - Run!
Ultra Greed - Running Hell

(*) - Indicates which tracks were changed from the original playlist

- Sometimes Boss tracks may not play properly
- Title Screen music on Rebirth doesn't play (Will be fixed!!)

- Clean up the audio tracks so the volume is OK
- And the loops too

If you find any bugs/missing songs/loud or quiet songs feel free to send me a message to my Discord account: Shubishu#9696.


x 14

- Fixed even more loops!

- Made it a bit louder

- Added the Dark Room (Seal Chamber)

- Fixed some loops

Quick update: Sorry if this mod is broken, it's been a year since I stopped playing TBoI, and the original files that I used to create this mod are probably lost somewhere. I'm considering remaking the entire mod from the ground up due to its lack of quality when I had first started out creating this. Maybe sometime around the Winter break .

114134I have no idea. I haven't played since the release of Afterbirth +.
this site never works for me and I have a shared copy of the game. So I can't reach the download link.
April 10, 2022 - 10 months ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!