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The Binding of Cave Story
Play with the remastered OST of Cave Story ! (Afterbirth ready)
Created 7 years ago

This mod can be installed on Afterbirth, and also on the base game.
For Afterbirth+ users, the mod is available on the steam workshop.

This mod change the OST of Isaac Rebirth and replace it with the remastered OST in Cave Story 3D/Cave Story+
You can check this mod made by 223262 if you prefer the original freeware Cave Story OST
If you have any propositions, feel free to send me your ideas !
If you want to contact me or anything else, I'm everyday on my Twitter !

Music changes

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:

Special rooms:

Versus themes:

/!\ I do not own this musics, all musics are Copyright to � Nicalis, Pixel, k-wix, Danny Baranowsky and affiliates /!\


x 35

- Smalls tweaks for the main menu

- Alt boss fight: "Eyes of Flame" (version from the new ost of cave story) added.

- Burning basement: "Cemetery" added.

- Scarred womb: "White" added.

- Dank Depths: "Scortching back" added.

- Library: "Geothermal" added.

- The calm (Music after bosses): "Quiet" added.

- Blue Womb: "Safety" added.

- The Hush: "Run !" added.

- Ultra Greed: "Running Hell" added.

- Arcade: "Mimiga Town" added.

- The mod is now compatible with Afterbirth DLC !

- The mod can be installed on base game too.

- Main menu has been revamped due to graphical glitches and has been adapted to Afterbirth.

- Shop music: "Jenka 1" added.

- Secret Room music: "Moonsong" added.

- Flooded Caves music: "Pulse" added

Excuse me but, could i use this mod? i would like to make a binding of cavestory overhaul mod and it would save a lot of time ill credit u alot
thanks! ill get started on the mod ;3
I had no idea you were doing that. I have a quote character done and a reskinned item
check my profile, you can use it if you like. I'm not the best at spriting btw
I've made a mod based on the original soundtrack from the PC Cave Story and I used your playlist. If you don't want that then I'll take it down.
No, that's great. Thanks for that, I had no time to make a mod with the original soundtrack. I will add a link to your mod in mine, for those who want the original OST ! ^^
I love Cave Story and i love this mod. DONE, THE END, NO MORE THINGS TO SAY, IT'S JUST BEAUTYFUL OK??
i like, you help me? we do a mod of cave story, (graphics and audio) ...and, do you speak Spanish? (I did the sprites of quote and curly, and Sue is on the way)
Hi ! You can use my mod, if you want tu use musics from Cave Story. I don't speak spanish very well, and I'm very busy at the moment, I can't mod a lot
I wish this wasn't the remastered music. The original has this crispness I love.
Nah it's just my personal taste, t'is good.
But that's a good idea. Maybe, I can do another version of this mod, with the original OST !
223262 has made a mod with the original Cave Story OST, if you're still interested.
You can find it here:
Have fun !
The next thing we need is Cave Story for don't starve together

I can't wait to spam spur in competitive mode in that game
wow i was a cave story fan, with this... *heavy cry* dude you made my day with this mod!
Eww, don't cry I am a Cave Story fan too !
I'm very happy that you enjoy my mod
Oh cool, I was hoping this would get updated to Afterbirth!
I'm happy about that !
But at the moment, I have to replace afterbirth musics, so if you have any suggestions, I am listening ^^
I noticed Pressure hasn't been used, maybe it would fit with Hush or Ultra Greed. Also Cemetery hasn't been used either, I'm just not sure it would work for any of the unreplaced floors.
"Pressure" is also known as "Oppression" and I already used this music for Satan/Isaac fight ^^
For "Cemetery", It will be available in the next update
Moon Song for Secret rooms or Librarys?
That's a good idea, I will do that as soon as I can update my mod for Afterbirth users !
Cave Story!! But mods aren't Afterbirth compatible yet, are they? Will you make one for afterbirth too?
I just tested the mod with afterbirth and the only thing that has been broken is the main menu. Floor and fight musics works.
But of course, when modding/decompiling tools will be available, I will update this mod !
Yeah im using it atm by just copying the musicfolder and it works during the game (except for the "new" stages like burning basement of course). I changed the basement theme to the menu theme (The CaveStory Main theme) by changing the names though
Tanks for your support ! I love this song so much too
Thanks for giving this to us Btw now Basement is CaveStory, and Burning Basement got the Grasslands song (doesnt really fit well,but still better than the normal music )
An update is coming soon, adding some musics replacements for Burning Basement/Dank Depths/Scarred Womb and more ^^
I just need to do some tweaks before the release !
Moreover i would also use "Last Battle" for Hush, because of its long battle the song gets to shine (Moreover in CaveStory they also used it for DeadCore AND the final Boss, so using it more times seems legit Also Hush resembles the endbosses from Cavestory the most). In my personal opinion i wouldnt change the UltraGreed theme As its great and could also fit in CS ;)
Everything is good, but the boss themes need a work around in my opinion. I Think it would be better if The common boss theme to be "Gravity" and Mom's boss theme to be "Eyes of Flame". Lastly, Zombie for It Lives should be "Charge!".

But otherwise good mod!
Thanks for your comment !
About the swap between "gravity" and "Eyes of Flame", I have been thinking about this but I prefer "Eyes of Flame" for common bosses. Otherwise, about the It Lives! fight, I'll see what I can do, because the soundtrack of Cave Story has a lot of good musics but many of them are very short ^^
But thanks for your feedback !
April 10, 2022 - 10 months ago
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