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Better Looking <3
Hearts look... 'Eh' in Binding of Isaac. Let's fix that.
Created 3 years ago
You think hearts look dull?

You think they look boring?

Too bland?

Uh... you don't?

Well... uh...

Have this anyways, woohoo!

This mod changes all hearts to be slightly more shaded, and have less of an outline.


x 115

- Woop woop, heart pickups now more shiny!

So little difference, but still awesome for some reason!!
Will this ever be updated to work with bone hearts?
Because with this mod on i can't play The Forgotten.
Please help me i has the same problem
I can't figure out how to install this, I put it into "resources" folder but nothing happens. Am I missing something?
Rename the "packed" folder to something like packed_old and it will work
I renamed "packed" into packed_old, and the game kept crashing on start up, I changed it back into only packed, and the game start working, so changing the packed folder name causes the game to not start up, putting the gfx folder into resources worked for me, you have to extract it from the zip, and then put the gfx folder in the resources folder
Dang. these are really good, much better than the old one.
Does it work on Mac? I'm downloaded it and nothing changed.
This looks great! But what saddens me is that I can't have my invaders as hearts
Im sorry but, what the hells the point of this?
to make the ugly as fuck hearts look good?
Just ask yourself "What the hell is the point of any graphics improvement mods on any game?" (Answer's in the question)
I am currently using these right now"
butt yours are looking mighty fancy. Thanks for sharing.
Any chance you are going to modify these hearts:
steamapps-common-The Binding of Isaac Rebirth-resources-gfx-items-pick ups-pickup_001_heart.png

Very nice job. I was wondering how you were going to handle half-hearts if you decided.
They are very fancy and the colors are vibrant.
Thank you for adding those into your mod.
June 5, 2018 - 12 months ago

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