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Better Hearts
Makes the hearts have smaller outlines
Created 2 years ago
Makes the hearts look better and higher resolution
(Afterbirth only)


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i wish this could be for rebirth too
I discovered that the you need to create a folder called ``items'', and inside that another folder called ``pick ups'', then place the pickup_001_heart.png file inside for the game to include it.

This mod comes with both ``ui_hearts.png'' and ``pickup_001_heart.png in the gfx\ui and it does not work on the hearts on the ground.

This location: \steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources\gfx\items\pick ups\pickup_001_heart.png
is where it should be.

Hope this helps. The Bleeding Hearts mod is what I used to compensate for the lack of effect on the pickup hearts, and where I learned to fix this one.
this reminds me of minecraft's faithful texture pack
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