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The Binding of Isaac: CleanBirth
Brand New...Refinement
Created 9 years ago

Yes I know. It is far from being done, but you know almost every sprite in this game is full of cracks, poop, blood, and all of that combined....and maybe a little dry too.

This mod's goal is to make everything in the Binding of Isaac Rebirth and AfterBirth look brand new, but still attempting to keep in style with the game as much as possible.

- Slot machines/blood banks have better lighting,smoother, "shut down" when bombed
- Poop now shows its progress easier, and also look more pyramidy (placement issues are prevalent)
- Spikes are now more uniform
- Womb/Utero spikes look like sharp teeth
- Non-moveable TNT is now brand new
- Wooden Door Bars are now freshly nailed in
- Stone chests have just been "carved"
- Golden, and Holy chest fixes
- Blood tear targeting grimace has smoother animations (more very soon)
- pokey, wall hugger, and Slides all are shiny and not broken
- Rockets look more rocket-y
- Lust is less beaten up
- Wrath is less dry and cracked up
- Item altar is more uniform

Coming Soon
- Bombed bloodbanks leaving a pool of blood
- Monstro(II) looking like a "normal" head
- Pits to be more uniform and have creepy eyes and creatures in there
- More in the Grimace family
- Every Sin and Horseman to have smaller heads and lose the blood/cracks (looking at you Famine and Pestilence)
- Gibs and Blood in general
- Brand new-ifiying all of the menu papers
- Fixing every possible character combination sprite failure
- Making new sprites for synergies?
- Finding how to make poop clean
- Locating Mr. Clean
- Suggest in the comments below! (Like, comment, and subscribe)

Got any suggestions? Some things I feel fit in with the style of the game (like if there should be different versions for the people that like the large heads for The horsemen/Sins or people that want the smaller heads), so I might not be able to think of everything to perfect, so please drop an idea you have in the comments!

Any graphical errors? Leave a comment and a link to a screenshot of something having errors.

Thanks to LeatherIceCream for giving me some nice ideas!

More updates coming soon!


x 38

- Spikes are aligned a bit better

- Rocket sprites look brand new and like stereotypical rockets

- Both Wraths look cleaner

- Both Lusts look less beaten

Yes...scrub that poop until you can eat off of it!
Wow, LeatherIceCream helped you? That's really cool, man!
I'm a big fan of his work. I may just download this now...
I can swear to god, I saw Dank Bum
Could i use this in my mod ( i will give credit obviously)
Sure, but I ask of you to tell me each time you use a new update of my mod in your mod!
Well uhhh... Why Dark Bum has sunglasses please?
This mod isn't related to Dank Bum, thats why I didn't put it in here. Dank bum is from another mod I have in a work in progress state.
its a nice mod from what the pictures show. i personally like the theme of rugged, worn...stuff. i dont know, i like current isaac. even though i wont downloaded it, it still looks like a great mod
Thank you for the compliment though =D
"Finding how to make poop clean" Dude, when you find that out, patent it! You'll get so much money you will be able to make it rain~
>This mod's goal is to make everything in the Binding of Isaac Rebirth and AfterBirth look brand new, but still attempting to keep in style with the game as much as possible.
>in the Binding of Isaac Rebirth and AfterBirth look brand new
>the Binding of Isaac Rebirth and AfterBirth
also "Locating Mr. Clean"
Boss reskin confirm
any plans on making a basement janitor-like mod to fix up the walls and floors?
Yes, that will be a big update like the menu papers/blood and gibs.
Ah, yeah, that's definitely a fresh shit.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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