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Original Lilith Mod!
The original lilith we all know and love <3
Created 5 years ago

The Original Lilith Mod turns Lilith from the nerfed weakened Lilith to the powerful pre-nerf Lilith!

Box of Friends is now 2 charges instead of 4!
A simple mod with Big changes!

To Install:
Put the file into your The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth "resources" directory, or on Windows it's : "C:/Program Files (x86)/steam/SteamApps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources".

Thank you for checking out this mod and thank you for downloading in advance.


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it wont work for me. i put the extracted file in the resources file and when i open isaac it wont open change
This nerf was really sad :c She is really good on greed mod but quite weak on normal game.
It would be cool if you update this to Afterbirth plus
Make lilith great again!

-some racist guy 2016
Aw man, it's a .rar file? I can't use it... Great mod though! I loved the original Lilith
When I download and install the mod, it doesn't work-is this because it becomes a .rar file or am I doing it wrong?
download the trial version of winrar from rar labs. It will never force you to buy the full winrar so its great for archiving and converting rar files
I don't know if you guys agree with me, but, original Lilith feels alittle too op, I mean, come on T_T
Technically, the original Lilith didn't even have the friend box...

Just saiyan.
Yeah but that's not really the proper lilith haha
Q. Which is better? A. 2 Room Charge Or B. 4 Room Charge?
That's all up to opinion Personally a 2 room charge for normal runs, 4 for greed mode for balancing, but that's impossible obviously so I go with 2
It says put all the files in the resources folder, but there's only one file... problem?
I call it copying and pasting from a different mod of mine because I felt lazy, I'll change it though ^-^
open the folder and put those in DUH!
It says put all the files in the resources folder, but there's only one file... problem?
Sorry to say, but it's working perfectly fine for me, where did you put the file?
This is how lilith was when afterbirth came out, and it's just a mod, no one is forcing you. I only made this incase people didn't like lilith's nerf.
But it's outdated, anyways, because of your mod, I've found out how to edit any item's atributes.Thanks, now I have an old D6!
January 16, 2020 - 6 months ago

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