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the keeper now wears.... a noose!
give the keeper his noose back
Created 5 years ago
i thought the keeper (besides being a generally bad character) looked a bit boring without his noose,

so i decided to (painstakingly) give him back his noose

simple but nice i suppose :P

(also this is my first mod!!!)


download the file,decompress/extract the file and place the "gfx" folder into your "resources" folder that is contained in the binding of isaac rebirth's local files


x 82

- i updated the names of the files to be less confusing

- i updated his death sprite to not look terrible (i used the shopkeeper sprite and that that a noose and replaced his stock death sprite with it,this new update is labeled as being the "new-er death anim"

- the older update that included his player portrait as the death sprite is still in there

- i colored in his noose on the character select screen because i wanted to?


- i added a death animation (it was just his player portrait,i made it replace him laying on the floor,this isnt mandatory,you have a choice of just the noose-ed player sprite and the new sprite + the new death animation

- i thought it would be cool to further the greediness of this guy :P

Yes! I was like "Where the f is his noose? This is boring.." but now it's fixed! Thank you. And for your first mod, it's pretty good.
Pretty good, now The Keeper looks much better!
Great idea, just wish it gave him transcendence...
keeper needs a buff
i like this
keeper actually doesn't bore me to death when i see him now
i was going to try and make t but you already did a great job at it
Great aesthetic change, although it doesn't work on my pc with the rest of my mods, it is still great.
you really need to fix his death animation.
how so?

which one?

the player portrait version? or the shopkeeper version?

the portrait version does suck,i dont know how to fix it

so thats why i made the shopkeeper version

i dont know quite know how to fix it
dude..this needs to be organized. when downloading, it all just says the name of the mod, not what each file is, and its just look like a buch of this the stuff. i dont know what any of it is.
I still suffer by playing Keeper, but at least now I have the proper equipment to end it. 10/10
January 16, 2020 - 7 months ago

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