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Modified Item Sprites
Makes Items easier to distinguish
Created 5 years ago
With Afterbirth there are now 3 white fly items which are hard to distinguish. We also have several other itmes, which just look too similar.

With this mod I've tried to keep the Isaac-Style and make them easier to tell apart.

Currenty included:
Distant Admiration
Forever Alone
Best Bud
The Virus
Growth Hormones
Experimental Treatment
The Inner Eye
Moms Eye
Moms Contact
Cursed Eye
Cains Other Eye
Cains Eye
Bobs Brain
Missing Page 2


x 143

- Added

- Book of Revelations

- Spirit of the Night

- Anemic

- Added-

- Moms Eye

- Moms Contact

- Cursed Eye

- Cains Other Eye

- Cains Eye

- Missing Page 2

- Modified-

- The Inner Eye (Made it a little bigger)

I'm a veteran TBOI player, but I also love what you did with this mod. I hope you make more new designs in the near future.
One set of items I always confuse is Technology and Ludovicio, can you add that to this mod?
Imma be honest with you, this mod confused me a bit more at first...
two words: up-date okno, this is a only word! :v
I love this mod ! Can you update then please ?
what program did you use to re-texture the items
I'm using photoshop, because I use that tool since 9 years.
There are plenty of other tools for free in the internet. I heard Gimp is kinda popular.
I don't personally need this but nice to have it for those who do!
It's already a huge ass tear which is hard to mistake. There are still way better candidates ;)
January 16, 2020 - 4 months ago

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