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THE SAVIOR mod pack
Finally updated for Afterbirth! Where'd Hush go???
Created 9 years ago

I'm glad you asked that question! This mod is designed as a mostly "vanilla-style" expansion to the game. It adds new features while keeping with the theme of what makes Isaac what it is.

- TONS of rooms and room variants, and even a few enemies.
It's a whole new adventure.

- Thematically fitting replacement characters.
Play as Adam, Noah, Mother Mary, Uriel, The Lamb, King Solomon, Lilith, Jesus, The Bound, Rebekah, and Peter.

- A new set of challenges.
Some easy, some hard.

- You unlocked The Room. Reality itself is unraveling!
The Chest has been reinvented. Expect extreme challenge and choose this path on your most powerful runs. You'll notice this path has changed from previous versions of the mod.
Take the Polaroid to access this path.

- You unlocked Blue Womb. Its mysteries await!
Deep beneath the Inferno lies this terrible location... with a familiar foe awaiting in its finale. Take the Negative to access this path.

But what, then, awaits speedy travelers past It Lives? You'll just have to find out.

- Many minor graphical changes and upgrades.

- Expect surprises.

This mod uses many new enemies created by the talented Tez. First and most importantly, you MUST install his mod "The Agony of Isaac" located here.


Afterwards, install Savior Mod directly ON TOP of it using the same instructions to overwrite your resources folder, and allow it to overwrite Agony's files whenever requested.

This mod is for Afterbirth only.
If you wish to play it WITHOUT AFTERBIRTH, please use version 1.2 for now.

Dragoszx - Adam and Uriel
kiddforce - The Lamb
Cowctus - The Bound
TezNyanCatLIpoca - Enemies and certain rooms from The Agony of Isaac
Major Wipeout and Mr. Taxxon - Dark Room sprites and music
stewartisme - Dinky Duke sprites
DevinCraig - original Uriel concept
MonstrosLung - sprites for a few new enemies, and misc. help
Chronometrics - Basement Renovator, without which this would be far less possible
otherhand - the rest

Some features are still to come!
Expect more and better rooms, more enemies, and more additions to Greed Mode in the future.

When Afterbirth+ comes out, I intend on making the "replacement" content in this mod into a proper expansion.

I'm looking for a person or two to help with sprites for new monsters and bosses, as well! Let me know in the comments, or on Reddit at /user/otherhand42/


x 1054

- Compatibility with AFTERBIRTH!

- Added new characters: Rebekah and Peter.

- The Room is now located on the Cathedral route.

- Blue Womb is now located on the Sheol route.

- Something fun is now located where Hush used to be.

- Lots more rooms and enemies.

- The Lamb was slightly buffed. Jesus was slightly nerfed.

- Just a few room tweaks and additions.

you aint looking by this without saying
Good mod gooooooooooooooooooooooood
This mod isn't working. I do everything right, but nah. Game not crashing, not lagging, it just original. Help, please
can i Play it for afterbirth + too?
how do i uninstall pls [b][b][/b][/b]
Ctrl + Z or if that doesn't work Try to delete the files that it came with
have steam check files and replace them with the normal ones
i had reacently downlaoded agony then i saw this and thought shit ill have to unistall angony, but wait...
what do you mean install "on top of it"?
He means you must take this mod's content and replace Agony's content with it, whilst having agony installed.
Cant figure out how to make the music play in the basement. It's completely silent
crashes after beating the heart in the womb
Ridiculous that this isn't extemley widespread, it's great!
no one nerf jesus
jesus i s the one
he should be fucking op
Is that possible to add this new characters without replacing old ones? I mean at example Jesus. He is nice, but i sometimes want to play Lasarus ;)
Not at this time, but with Afterbirth+ I will be looking into doing this.
That's awesome! Can't wait till this time ♥ I am counting days to 3rd January :p
Very fun. I love the variety of the mod
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!