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Blue Baby is now The Hush!
Created 8 years ago
Play as that one thing we all think is an abortion!

Comes with two different versions of the mod, one that is purely cosmetic, and one that changes Blue Baby's health and starting items!

>Hush + Items
This gives Hush 404 and Continuum from the start.

Simply drag the insides of the version you want to your resources folder!


x 52

- Changed Hush's starting items to 404 and Continuum

- Changed Continuum's graphical effect

This mod contains:
Characters & Babies
HUD & Menus
Hi, I was wondering if you could give me a bit more detail on how to install the mod because I seem to be doing something wrong.
a simple re-skin, but i love it!!!!
Dosnt Work as of 8/14/16, cant seem to find the problem
yeah, and i did get the cosmetic to work tho
Huh, that means players.xml is an issue. Are you putting it directly inside the resources folder? Because that's where it should be
Yes, and the the items won't work because they are from afterbirth, which I don't have
what do you mean "the insides of the version you want"? And where in the resources folder?
Sadly no, all the character's sprite sheets were replaced I think. I'm not sure about that, but if it's not working for Rebirth, then yeah, won't work. I'll maybe upload a version that works for Rebirth, don't worry!
Amazing art and concept, one of my favorite mods.
Ive added it to the resources folder but it doesn't work?
Well yeah. But you could CREATE the Hush character instead of REPLACING ??? with it.
You can't add anything new to the game. You can REPLACE things from the game, which is what almost every mod does, but you can't add anything.
I have an Idea for your mod. Maybe every time you use an Item that shows a pop-up animation(Ex: Black heart) he will roar like the hush boss does. And for the "Vs." screen, maybe make it look a tad more menacing. If you can make this possible, that would be awesome
I'm not quite sure if the first thing you said is possible without it affecting every other character (that would be weird), and I'll try and take into consideration about the Vs Screen,
I'm fine with it affecting the characters.
This is just a suggestion, but maybe make it so he starts with Wiggle Worm rather than 404? Since Hush's shots wiggle a bit.
the moms purse cosmetic would ruin the charecters design...
Oh! I suggested this on the reddit! Really happy to see it got made. Thank you!
You ought to update the UI to include The Keeper's presence.
Out of curiosity, why the Chaos Card?
April 10, 2022 - 1 year ago
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