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Pure Classic Music Mod
Brings back music from the original Binding of Isaac.
Created 9 years ago
This mod only contains music from the original Binding of Isaac. The floors from Afterbirth now use the music from their counterparts (read the readme if don't want this). If you want new music for these floors then check out my Kinda Classic Music Mod. It adds music from other sources, such as The Binding of Isaac: Community Remix.

The music in this mod comes directly from the official soundtrack of The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb, the game itself and nothing else.

* Danny Baranowsky - Soundtrack of The Binding of Isaac


x 1844

- Added an optional music.xml that does not replace Afterbirth's music. Now you can have the old music on the old floors and the new music from Afterbirth on the new floors. Request fulfilled.

- Updated to Afterbirth!

- Afterbirth floors use music from normal floors.

- Check out my Kinda Classic Music Mod if you want new music for these floors!

yoo trying to download on mac but its not working, any tips?
WORKS on Nintendo Switch.
You of course need Atmosphere CFW with LayeredFS support.

Unzip the mod in this folder of the SD card:
Depths 1 and past has no sound, mod outdated
Working for Repentance as of 4/23/21 (even without official mod support). Achievements still unlock. Should be a braindead install.

1. Download mod. Extract w/ WinRAR or 7-Zip. Make a copy of 'music' folder found inside. Ignore/delete any other files included.
2. Go into game files > resources > packed. Delete/move 'music.a' (move it back or recover it via Verify Integrity in Steam if you lose it or want to uninstall this).
4. Rename one copy of the downloaded 'music' folder to 'music.a' and place it into 'packed' folder of the game.
5. Place the other copy of the downloaded 'music' folder (unedited) in resources.
6. Like this comment, then launch and enjoy the old tunes on some floors/fights.
Awesome, thanks! This worked for me.
Music stopped working all together on depths 1, and the title screen music is still repentance. Anyone know any fixes?
I'm also on this issue. Depths doesn't have music, the secret room doesn't have music, and the title music stays as its default as if it were unmodded.
Any tips on getting this working with Repentance? The unpacking method below doesn't seem to work.
Took me hours of tinkering (Rebirth version), hopefully my explanation clears up any confusion. Download this mod, extract anywhere with WinRAR/7Zip. Download Rick'sUnpacker (help section of this website) and unzip that too. Go to your game folder (/steam/common/tboirebirth/resources) and open the 'packed' folder. Drag 'music.a' on top of 'Gibbed.Rebirth.Unpack.exe' from Rick'sUnpacker. It should make 'music_unpack' folder after a delay. Two folders into that should be a 'music' folder with lots of .ogg files inside. Cut that 'music' folder and paste back into your '/resources' of the game's files. Now in 'packed' again drag 'config.a' onto the unpacker. Dig into the new unpacked folder and find 'music.xml' and put this in '/resources' with the 'music' folder. NOW copy the 'music' folder from the mod into '/resources' and overwrite any conflicts. DO NOT copy over the 'music.xml' from the mod, this made all music stop working in-game for me. Clean up any unpacked folders (including the leftovers .xml's from config_unpack) you made from the .a files and run the game. Voila
I found this also works with repentance if you take the music folder you just made for resources and just rename it Music.a and put it into the packed directory
can you explain in detail what your supposed to do? i tried it but it didn't work me
Can you upload somewhere a file that someone could just drag and drop into the folder? The instructions you gave are hard to follow and i don't want to accidently mess up my copy of the game.
Doesn't work, tried that one method that's supposed to work but all it does it make the game crash.
This mod doesn't work. The instructions in these comments don't work. And if a mod doesn't work, it's worthless. Delete this trash.
following the readme instructions doesn't work at all, just unpack everything (except the "optional" folder and the readme file) to the "resources" folder
Seems people are having some trouble installing the mod. The readme is false, you have to do a couple more steps. Go to your installation folder, tools then use the resource extractor exe. Once unpacked, go to the resources folder and rename the packed folder to something else. Then drag and drop the contents of the mod folder into the resources folder, making sure to replace anything it asks you to. Bam, mod installed.
I don't have the enough words to say thank you, but THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Needs an update. I installed the mod, and it appears in enabled mods, but has no effect. All music is unchanged.
Pasted the music folder, xml, and sfx folder in Resources folder, did not work. Tried in main Isaac folder, still did not work. I have afterbirth+
How to make it work? what i have to do with the .xml file?
I only have the Afterbirth DLC. Do I need Afterbirth+ too?
I don't have any of those fancy DLC, is it supposed to work even though i only have Rebirth?
so all of the right files are in the right spot and have replaced the original stuff, but somehow its still playing the old music. No idea whats up
Man playing TBoI with Rebirth/Afterbirth graphics + Vanilla Isaac music= Literally heaven

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