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Gotta Catch Em' - Custom Challenge Mod
Catch all the bosses!
Created 5 years ago
Gotta Catch Em' Challenge Mod v0.1

This is my first mod for the Binding of Isaac, an experimental and very untested custom challenge which replaces Pitch Black. You start with no tears, an edited version of the Friendly Ball that has zero charges, Gnawed Leaf and Spider Mod. It currently ends at It Lives and has no Treasure Rooms.

This mod makes some changes to the entities2.xml file, which makes most bosses catchable by the friendly ball by making the game see bosses as normal enemies.

To install:

1) Place the contents of the resources folder into The Binding of Isaac Rebirth folder.

2) Play the game.

After your done playing this challenge, you'll probably want to delete the files as I'm sure it'll cause some game breaking bugs.

Known Issues:

- Monsters spawned from others will NOT be charmed. Not sure how to fix.
- Monsters that shoot exploding tears or bombs (Stay away from Wrath!) will still cause damage.
- Not having tears makes some rooms almost impossible to clear. Bombs are your friend. I may add Brother Bobby in a future update to make those rooms clearable.
- Having Rag Man makes some rooms lock up.
- If you have completed Pitch Black, this challenge will show as completed also.


- Stay away from monsters that spawn others or that fire exploding tears/bombs. These will still hurt you. Pestilence is not so fun.
- Monstro is a good catch. So is Little Horn.
- You can keep throwing the Ball, so don't be afraid to use it to clear difficult rooms by catching monsters.

Have fun!

- radiofan


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This mod contains:
i dont understand how to install this. if instructions could be clearer that would be appreciated
Great mod thougt this is too easy until i had a candlelight dinner with mommy.
a very fun mod i love it but there is no way to get past mom maybe could you do something if you have spare time but even not being able to go farther its still a good mod

Well you can capture Super Greed to make him fight Ultra Greed. This is a frigging genocide.
if the ball could catch bosses then that is so GOOD now i have you greed now go!
This mod is definitely my favorite. Amazing mod.
Catched Little Horn he killed himself with the bombs 12/10 Would play again. A thing to mention some enemies spawn 'enemies' Is there a way to make summoned enemies in your team ASAP instead of catching them?
Thanks Yeah that is annoying, although it doesn't happen with all enemies. When caught the Ulcer spawns Dart Flies that are charmed so it might be a bug (or intended effect) to do with the hardcoded behaviour of the enemies. Not sure!

This is a really cool idea. It makes me wonder how far you could take it, or how far Edmund could take similar ideas rather than some of the current challenges. It'd be nice to see some video too. Anyway, keep it up!
this mod is really fun to play, great job!
excellent idea, but it would be nice if it could be used in more than a single challenge. any chance you could make this as a character to use in general? say replace lazarus?
I plan to do something like this for the next update
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