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The Finding of Items
A run tracker and logger for The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
Created 7 years ago

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AFTERBIRTH+ ONLY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

For Afterbirth support download version 1.1.

* Features *

  • Seed, character, item, floor + curse, boss and time identification for current run.
  • Run history analyzing various stats (char, items, bosses, time etc)
  • Item collection displaying the icon, name, flavor text, detailed stats and run statistics for each one.
  • Character and boss collections displaying run statistics for each one

* Usage *
First time:
Just unzip and run. You may need to update the Microsoft .net Framework. It's recommended to enable the database backup function in the options.

Updating TFOI:
As TFOI has many files, the safe way to update is by extracting the new version and copying your database file (located in /resources/isaac.db) to the same folder in the newly extracted directory.
(Instead of just dumping the new files into the old folder. Yes, it will probably work, but it's not a good idea).
After verifying that the new version of TFOI properly reads your data, it is safe to delete the old directory.

Linux users: Unfortunately, WPF didn't work with Wine last time I checked.

* TODOs *

  • Check out if greed mode can be properly logged
  • Run entry manipulation
  • More testing!

* Known bugs *

  • TFOI may crash if the backup location is write protected/needs extra write rights (C:\ for example).
  • The run timer doesn't stop when the run finishes
  • The run timer resets if you hit back while doing a run

* Credits and thanks*

  • NICALiS and Edmund McMillen for making this awesome game.
  • RebirthItemTracker, a project that really helped me.
  • Rick and his unpacker. ~THANK YOU BASED RICK~
  • My friends, Eddy Pasterino and Thomas, for beta testing and helping me debug.

More info and source code here:

* Bug reporting *
If you encountered a bug leave a comment and I'll get to it asap.

A copy of your game log will be greatly appreciated.
It usually is located here:
C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+\log.txt

Listing run-related info like the seed, a floor list, main bosses you have fought and/or items picked up really helps, because a single log can contain multiple runs.


x 101

- Added the spider baby transformation

- Made the transformation item colors more distinct

- Updated transformation names

- It's Afterbirth+ update time!

- Updated the logo!

- Added all AB+ items

- Added all AB+ bosses

- Added Apollyon

- Added the Bookworm transformation

- Fixed a bug that prevented certain chars to be detected

- Fixed a bug where a defeated boss wasn't properly tagged

- Fixed The Forsaken's detection

- Fixed some item stats

- Added a delete button to RUNS

- Added some item details and stats

- Updated the font again

- Added some options:

- Autobackup: Enabling this will copy your isaac.db file to the path specified every time it gets modified.

- Log read speed: The slider essentially sets how may times TFOI reads your Isaac log file. The only downside of having it slower than default (default is every 100ms, meaning 10 times per second) is that TFOI will update more slowly.

- w00t!

- Release time!

- ITEMS is complete!

- It displays the 30 most picked up items (including character ones like the D6)

- -Selecting an item will display all the runs related to it

- -Times picked up

- -Win rate with that item

- Bugfixes and enhancements

- -Added a glow effect when you select a boss/char/item

- -Fixed a bug that screwed up all TOPx calculations

- -Minor bugfixes here and there


- -DB manipulation tools

- -DB backup options

- -Mini mode

- -Fix the timer so it doesn't restart when a run is done

- -Fix the timer so you can freely navigate the pages without it resetting

- ------------------ BOSSES is finished! --------------------

- Selecting a boss will display:

- -all the runs you encountered it with all chars

- -times fought

- -win rate

- -global (for all chars) TOP 5 bosses defeated and lost to

- Misc changes:

- -Added item 365 "Lost Fly". No idea how I missed it

- -Updated all transformation items (was missing some)

- -Top items and bosses in CHARS are now sorted correctly

- Bugfixes

- -Added some null checks to avoid crashes in RUNS if you selected a run that was created by an older version of TFOI

- Bugfix: In each run's timestamp, the minutes are inserted instead of the month (dd/mm/yy instead of dd/MM/yy)

- CHARS is now more or less complete

- You can browse your archived runs by character

- Each character also has an Item Top-10 and a Boss Top-5...

- percentage and average run duration

- ------------------------------------------------------

- I also remembered to remove the database file this time!

- Hotfix for the crashes reported

- RUNS now actually displays past runs!

- Changed the format some of the info gets inserted.

- The isaac.db file is now created if not found (instead of being distributed. derp.)

- -------------------------------

- TODOs:

- Rest of the database/statistics stuff for each menu

- Archived run manipulation (edit, delete etc)

- Database backup option (I deleted mine by mistake earlier)

- The timer still continues to count after a run has finished

is there any mod like this for rebirth? i cant get afterbirth and i would love a mod like this but i just cant find one
Useful for if you want to see how many times you found "Forget Me Now" on the same floor. In this case I didn't find it, i'm a dirty cheater and downloaded the "Extremely OP Start" mod. I played as Apollyon and since he starts with void, i voided the items in the starting room. With this, i looked at how many times I repeated Caves 1.

and i repeated it too many times.
Unfortunately there isn't one...yet.

I've been thinking to build an eye candy-less lite version for linux and mac for some time now.
It's definitely on my todo list.

I'll need mac users to test it for me though.
Let me know via Steam @TheHolyFox ill test it in when ready.
Here is the Afterbirth only compatible version:
Uhh...Some details would certainly help.
Can you make it a .zip or .rar file please?
my computer doesn't open them
Hi there.
WinRAR should be able to open .7z files.
If for some reason (maybe old version?) it just doesn't, I recommend installing 7zip. It's open source, can handle most types of compressed archives and of course it's free (no more annoying popups).
And did I mention it's free?

If that doesn't appeal to you, here you go!
Awesome dude! I wish I knew this existed earlier I would have had soooo much stats. Glad I found it now though!

I've been meaning to update it for quite a while now but I'm just swamped atm :
Is it normal for this to slow down the game a whole lot? Seems to be doing just that for me and it becomes almost unplayable
Nope, definitely not normal.

Could you check your CPU usage with and without TFOI running while playing?
Unless you got a Pentium 3 or something, you shouldn't even notice TFOI doing stuff. After all, all it does is read a text file a few times every second.

And now that I think about it, you may want to check your hard disk's health because bad sectors plus small/fast reads... it brings back bad memories.
You got it, boss.

This is what the program was like when idle (i.e neither Isaac was started or NEW RUN was selected)

And THIS is what it was like when running Isaac and clicking "NEW RUN"
THe CPU usage nearly doubled in percentile, at it's peak it'd even use more CPU and Disk than the game itself

Damn, that's a lot of CPU time.

I'd appreciate it if you posted your CPU model, while I do some performance testing.

Ok, so I did a bit of testing in some VMs.

The worst case scenario, a virtual machine running Windows 7 with 1GB ram and 1 CPU core struggled with isaac, dropped frames and of course running TFOI too resulted in it being almost unplayable.
That was pretty much expected, software optimization can't do miracles. You can't even buy a single core CPU anymore.

The other issue I noticed is that in your first screenshot TFOI uses 9% CPU. Assuming it was just sitting there doing nothing, that 9% load doesn't make any sense.
It should just idle.
Compare that to the single core VM, where TFOI idled at around 4%.

Nonetheless, I have some ideas and I'll try to make it a bit more lightweight.
Thanks for the help man, i appreciate it

I didn't know exactly where to find the model and stuff so I googled up how to find it, this is what the command brought up
According to the manufacturer this should be your CPU
So at least it's a dual core.
By the way, a nice utility that lists your hardware is Speccy.
Also, to check a disk's health I use HDDSentinel (the free version).

Ok, I'll add a refresh speed setting to my TODO list.
That may help you and others with weaker hardware, though I don't think that the impact will be that great.

Thank you very much for your time Supas!

Expect a new version soon-ish peeps ;)
I should be thanking you, not many mod developers are this devoted to making their mods thrive by listening to user feedback. You are doing god's work, my friend. Thank you!
idk y but windows smartscreen no likey ur mod but I likey xD
Windows defender doesn't complain in any of the VMs tho.
imma try downloading the newer one if windows smartscreen is gonna be stupid then idk xD
so I decided to hit the run anyway option xD
Leap of faith huh.
I hope your pc doesn't implode.
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Check out the help page for more info.
Just wanted to say that there is also a problem with some runs duplicating and they have a length of 00:00:00 and they are exactly the same run.
My guess is that if you NEW RUN before launching the game, there is enough time for it to scan the log and reinsert the last run.
That will be partially resolved when I add some database manipulation options, so you will be able to delete (and maybe edit?) the archived runs.
The only thing I can think of right now is tweaking the database and force it to make each seed entry unique, something that doesn't make any sense for many reasons.

Thanks for the feedback!
No problem glad I can help out. Love testing out stuff for people so let me know if you need any help with testing
Thanks for making this mod! Really useful for keeping track of what items make up your synergies so you can remember how good the item is if you find it again.
Glad you like it.
Expect an update soon!
Oh, right, if any of you has a nice run going, I'd like a screenshot of it to feature NEW RUN mode here, since the one I had uploaded disappeared somehow.
Having an issue where it doesn't instacrash, but rather just nothing happens when i click new run. Seed and timer show up fine, nothing else happens for the rest of the run.
Heh, I figured out the crashes and I'm waiting to site to be updated to upload the hotfix, but this is a new one :P
Could you upload your log to pastebin?
This could be an issue if you are playing Rebirth (not Afterbirth).
I'm playing on a standalone(pirated) version of the second-to-last update, because the last update was just nerfs. That's probably it, actually.
Well, even though I'm not happy to hear that, I don't think that's the issue. I'd still appreciate it if you uploaded your log so I could try figuring this out.
Can't actually find any logs in the folder or any subfolders. Where is it supposed to appear?
C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\Binding of Isaac Afterbirth

If it's not there for some reason, it may be inside the game's installation directory.
I tried, but pastebin simply implodes whenever i paste the log in. would a mediafire link to the log itself do?
Is it possible that this doesnt work with Windows 10 cause I have the same problem as HellaJeff
This is really weird. Windows 10 can't be the issue because that's my OS as well. It just crashes, right? As in you don't even have the time to see the main menu and no debug info is displayed?
No basically I start it up and then it says TFOI has stopped working
April 10, 2022 - 12 months ago
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