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Lotsa Options
All chars get More Options, There's Options, Chaos,and Spidermod
Created 7 years ago
A better and fairer version of my old mod, this version makes every character get More Options, There's Options, Chaos, and Spidermod alongside their usual starting items, as well as XVII - the Stars so you don't have to hold R. This usually makes for crazier, more fun games. Have fun!


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This mod contains:
Cheats & Tweaks
why does lilith start with loads of op stuff and keeper dies every time you pick up an item?
Good mod u should make a version without chaos (u get a heart)
actually I'm pretty sure the idea of this mod was to be able to get options for items, since chaos actually makes item pools non existent
April 10, 2022 - 10 months ago
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