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Complete Undertale Music Overhaul
Replaces the entire soundtrack (Afterbirth included)
Created 5 years ago
This mod replaces every single song in The Binding of Isaac Rebirth (and the Afterbirth Expansion) with appropriate songs from the Undertale soundtrack by Toby Fox.

Installation is easy- Just take the "music" folder and place it into your game's "resources" folder.
This is located at:
steam/steamapps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources.

You might have to turn the music volume up a tiny bit, because the Undertale songs sound a bit quieter than the original Rebirth songs.

Special thanks to Ellis Freeman on steam for making the tracks loop better.




Basement -------------> Ruins (Ruins theme)
Cellar -------------> Enemy Approaching (Battle theme)
Burning Basement -----> Another Medium (Hotland theme)

Caves -----------------> Waterfall (Waterfall Theme)
Catacombs ------------> Uwaa!! So Temperate
Flooded Caves ---------> Quiet Water

Depths ----------------> Spear of Justice (Undyne's Theme)
Necropolis ------------> It's Raining Somewhere Else
Dank Depths -----------> CORE (CORE Theme)

The Womb -------------> Here We Are (True Lab Theme)
Utero -----------------> Here We Are (True Lab Theme)
Scarred Womb --------> Here We Are (True Lab Theme)

Blue Womb ------------> Amalgam (True Lab Battle Theme)

Cathedral ------------> Undertale (New Home Theme)
Chest ----------------> Death By Glamour (Mettaton EX Theme)

Sheol ----------------> Battle Against a True Hero (Undyne)
Dark Room ------------> Spider Dance (Muffet's Theme)


Angel Room -----------> Fallen Down
Devil Room -----------> You Idiot
Library ---------------> Home (Toriel's House)
Arcade ---------------> sans. (Sans' Theme)
Secret Room ----------> Mysterious Place
Store ----------------> Shop
Boss Room (Cleared)----> Reunited


Ambush ---------------> Dummy! (Dummy Battle Theme)
Boss Fight ------------> Bonetrousle (Papyrus' Theme)
Afterbirth Boss Fight --> Metal Crusher (Mettaton's Theme)
Mom --------------------> Heartache (Toriel Battle Theme)
Mom's Heart/It Lives ----> Your Best Nightmare (Flowey Battle)
Isaac -------------------> ASGORE (ASGORE Battle Theme)
??? ---------------------> Hopes and Dreams (Final Battle)
Satan -------------> Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans
The Lamb ---------------> MEGALOVANIA
Ultra Greed -------------> MEGALOVANIA
*Note, several bosses use each other's themes*


Main Menu Theme ------> Once Upon a Time
Credits ---------------> Bring it In, Guys! (Credits Theme)
Game Over Screen------> Determination (Game Over Theme)


Boss Defeated ---------> Good Night (first 3 seconds)
Boss Intro -------------> Oh My... (Mettaton EX Intro)
Floor Transition -------> Memories
Death Sound -----------> Sound clip of Soul Breaking
Loading Screen --------> Sound clip of starting a new game
Discover Secret Room ---> Ending of "Home (Music Box)"

I may have forgotten a few because I replaced so many. Enjoy and let me know if there's anything I missed!


x 324

- Fixed an error in the 1.3 update.

- All music now loops perfectly thanks to Steam user Ellis Freeman

- Secret discovery jingle added

- Fixed the It Lives battle music. It now starts at the proper time.

- Changed the floor transition theme to "memories"

- Added 4 Treasure Room discovery jingles

This mod contains:
Sound Effects
Background Music
time to find out what plays for mega satan
The music files show up as firefox files. Any help?
You can play music from firefox, it's normal... it happens to me too
Great mod but are you going to do afterbirth + too?
Did this mod stop working for anyone else after the update today? It was working fine until today and seems to still work if I disable Afterbirth +. Maybe it needs an update? Idk. Any help would be appreciated.
Great mod!
I'm really enjoying it.
im having problems installing this mod i've installed lots of other mods but this isnt working please help?
sometime when you have too much mods the game crash
It didn't work. I put it in the folder '' music '' and restarded the game but the music are still the same ! Can someone help me ?
umm help its not in music folder so im geussing it does'nt work for that reason
Simply make a new folder in TBOI/resources named music and put it in there. There's no special properties from folders obtained in mods.
can someone make a mod that just changes the boss music to sans theme that is all I want that is the only song i like from undertale
Now I go more often in the arcade room.
the only song I like from that shit pile of a game is san's theme and you put him in the arcade the fuck?
BOI there is so much WRONG in that one comment
how? also I have to add this part because my comment was to short
Why would you want Sans's theme in the boss fight?
is that a real question?
sans is the ONLY part of that shit pile of a game I like
And why do you think that? You'd have to play the "shit pile of a game" to know that.
so If I watch ten playthroughs and know all most all the different things that can happen then I can't know how I feel about that
If you don't like anything except one thing in a 'pile of shit' of a game, don't click on the mod and don't comment.

You are showing that you go out of your way just to be a dick.

'These people like something I don't like, so I must assert my controlling and irrelevant opinion on them!'
now i always go to the dark room XD
January 16, 2020 - 8 months ago

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