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Undertale Music Mod!
Replaces all the music with music from Undertale!
Created 8 years ago
Please tell me what you think and leave suggestions. I tried to make the music fit as best as possible, without repeating any tracks, so some themes don't exactly match up between the games. And since I know someone's gonna ask, Megalovania is at the Lamb fight. Tell me if I messed anything up, too! I've tested it but something could still go wrong. AFTERBIRTH COMPATIBLE!
If you don't have Afterbirth, just delete the afterbirth folder, although I think it will work if you don't.



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This mod contains:
Background Music
Whats the remix song name for the ultra greed fight??? I need that in my life!
AWESOME mod! You picked incredibly fitting music for each level. Love how you kept the Pre-Hush fight music too. THX!!!
I'm sorry, but Ultra Greed's theme is the greatest thing ever. (#1 on sound cloud I believe)

Really great mod you made! One thing that bothers me is the music that plays in the shop isn't Tem Shop music. Keep up with the good work!
I was going to make it the tem shop music, but I didn't want to reuse any songs and I think the remix for the Ultra greed fight is funnier there.
Ahh I see, I haven't fought Ultra Greed yet so I didn't know.Thanks for telling me!
Could you possibly make a list of where every piece of music is?

Also pls make Hush/Ultra Greed Dogsong/Tem Shop if you haven't already XD
Binding of Isaac = Undertale

Title Screen = Title Theme
Char. Select = Save Menu
Basement = Ruins
Cellar = Spider Dance (Muffet’s Theme)
Burning Cellar = Another Medium
Caves = Spear of Justice (Undyne’s Theme)
Flooded Caves = Waterfall
Boss Fight = Asgore
Boss Beat = His Theme
Alternate Boss Fight= Heartache (Toriel’s Theme)
Dank Depths = Metal Crusher
Depths = True Lab
Mom = Stronger Monsters
Scarred Womb = Snowy
Utero = Core
Mom’s Heart/It Lives = Death By Glamour
Satan = Battle With a True Hero
Lamb Fight = Megalovania (Sans’s Theme)
Ultra Greed = Temmie Get Money For Colege
Angel Deal = Quiet Water
Arcade = Tem Village
Shop = Sans

(And as far as that goes, I think Temmie Get Money For Colege is a WAY better pick)
I'm pretty sure the other Undertale mod isn't updated for Afterbirth sooooo It should be fine ;)
I didn't notice there was already an Undertale music mod on here before making this... but mine might be different in some ways. Idk.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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