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Castlevania SOTN music mod
Replaces most of the music with fitting tracks from SOTN
Created 4 years ago
So the idea came to me from nowhere but I realised that Isaac and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night have some settings in common. Here's how I replaced the tracks:

-Title screen -> Prayer
-Basement -> Dracula's Castle
-Cellar -> Final Toccata
-Caves -> Crystal Teardrops (I will maybe use it for flooded cave when afterbirth is released)
-Catacombs -> Lost Paintings
-Depths -> Abandonned pit
-Necropolis -> Rainbow Cemetary
-Womb/Utero -> Heavenly Doorway
-Cathedral -> Requiem for the gods
-Chest -> Prologue
(haven't done sheol and dark room for now)

Boss Battles:
-Normal Boss Battle -> Festival of Servants
-Challenge Room -> Death Ballad
-Mom's Foot -> Enchanted Banquet
-It lives/Isaac's heart -> Blood Relations
-Isaac -> Guardian
-??? Fight -> Dance of Illusions
(as for the floors, i haven't found anything for Satan and The Lamb for now)

Special Rooms:
-Shops -> Shop music from SOTN (it doesn't have a name)
-Arcades -> Vampire Killer (Castlevania 1 NES version)
-Secret Rooms -> Dance of Pales / Waltz of Perls
-Library -> Wood Carving Partita
(haven't found anything special for god or devil rooms)

Please note that I looped the tracks from the original soundtrack myself. Some little imperfections may appear here and there. Just report them to me if you notice them

I'm also thinking about modifying some jingles/sfx, like for example having the "HP UP" apparition SFX from SOTN playing once a boss fall.

Any other suggestion is welcome!

To install this mod, just copy/move the content of the zip into your "ressources" folder.


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This mod contains:
Background Music
great soundtrack to a great game, it would be amazing if you could make this mod for AB+
Is This Mod Still Receiving Support? I Wanna Know Cause I've Been Waiting For The Afterbirth Support To This Mod Cause I Really Wanna Use It
This really fits well, SoTN is my favorite!
Thanks for the kind comments guys, I'll try to motivate myself and update it for afterbirth. My main concern about it for now is that even with every boss themes from SOTN including the "new" ones from the Saturn version, i'm not sure I'll have enough of them for Satan, the lamb as well as the new classic boss theme and the hush.
it would be nice if you updated this to afterbirth, but still really awesome because i love sotn
January 16, 2020 - 1 month ago

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