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Challenge of the Shadows
Shadow Boss Challenger Brawl! (BETA)
Created 7 years ago
Mega Satan too easy? Bored of the game already?

Here is a fun Challenge to Freshen up! This Mod will turn the game into a brawling arena!

Isaac will spawn with powerful items and buff ups.
Isaac will be filled with 12 Hearts

BOSS: Angel of Shadows
- He has over 8 Million HP
- Aura of Shadow
- Blood Burst
- Beam Burst

Angel of Shadows is the ultimate boss within this fight. He has over 800000 HP which means he is a tough cookie. He has a powerful Aura of Shadow, if the shadow touches Isaac, then it can deal a significant amount of damage. Blood Burst allows him to fire to tears of blood in the shape of a circle. Beam Burst allows him to fire beams of light in 4 separate directions at once.

BOSS’ Assistance: Shadow Puppets
Shadow Puppets works just like Blue Baby currently, but will lots more health, they are there to make it a real challenge. Shadow Puppets currently does not do anything special as this mod is still in beta.

This mod is created for players to have fun.

This mod will be updated once I have time to do so.

In the mean time... GOOD LUCK HAVE FUN!!!


x 19

- Updated Isaac's Items to make him better

- More Puppets of Shadow were added

- Boss Health Optimized

- Isaac's Dark Matter Tears are now Transparent so that it doesn't block out vision

- Lives are reduced down to 1 from 9

This mod contains:
Room Pack
New Enemies
New Bosses
For those who didn't think Hush was hard enough.
And those who want to torture themselves with the Lost.
The only problem with this mode are the thousand blue baby's leaving the kind of boring battle, what kind it depends more on luck than skill to dodge the attacks of enemies, but the idea is good.
you schould put it in the end of the game like after you kill mega satan
This makes Godmode look easy :S
April 10, 2022 - 10 months ago
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