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Are you tired of constantly dying? Well not anymore
Created 4 years ago
Are you tired of constantly dying? Well not anymore you won't. This mod allows the game to be easier by spawning you with four random items. It's a really simple mod.

To Install: Open steam -> right click on The Binding of Issac Rebirth -> Properties -> Local Files -> Browse local files -> Resources -> then drop the file titled "rooms" into there. Easy Peasy


x 52

- Added four random collectibles and a random tarot card to each floor

- Balanced boss ambush rooms and cursed rooms

- Red poop didn't surround top right item pedestal

- Fixed file download


- Fixed no items in The Chest or Dark Room

- Surrounded item pedestals with red poop for balance

- Added flies to item rooms for balance

This mod contains:
Cheats & Tweaks
Thank you One of the Best Mods EVER
Не работает, виснет после запуска новой игры
THANK U SO MUCH! I'm such a n00b at TBOI:R:A
Great mod! Its really useful since i suck at Binding of Isaac hhah
Is it compatible with afterbirth yet?
Is this compatible with afterbirth? It keeps freezing on the loading screen after selecting a character and shows as not responding by the task manager.
Not yet, there is no way to edit basements for Afterbirth as of now. I'll try to update as soon as possible

January 16, 2020 - 11 days ago

Maintenance complete! We have moved to a new web server! Speed and stability should be improved. If you notice any issues, please mention them in our Discord server.