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The Buffing of Isaac V 1.0
Revamped rooms for a new experience!
Created 9 years ago
Every floor gains a complete overhaul. New, more challenging ordinary rooms, boss rooms designed to make the boss more challenging, with a change to the room design or the addition of ordinary enemies. Item rooms now have two items in each in order to balance out the difficulty change.

The basement is noticeably more challenging due to the strength that you will gain later in each run with additional items, but later floors still remain challenging - just not quite as relatively difficult.

Planned for V 1.1:
- Even more, challenging, rooms.
- Alternate boss rooms
- A change to the boss rush
- Harder later floors
- A new boss?
- New music?
- New graphics?

Thanks for downloading (if you do - obviously). Hope you enjoy!


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This mod contains:
Room Pack
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