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The Isaac of Satan
Reskins the Satanic collectibles to be Isaacs
Created 6 years ago
Essentially this mod just adds a bit more Isaac for your Satanic collectibles!

Lord of the Pit = Isaac of the Isaac's
Whore of Babylon = Isaac of Babylon
Pentagram = Isaacgram
Brimstone = Isaacstone
Spirit of the Night = Isaac of the Night
The Mark = The Isaac
Abaddon = Isaac of Baphomet

And the sprites are different as well! ENJOY THE EXTRA ISAAC!

Be sure to sub to the Issac of Reisaac subreddit for daily updates on things not posted here:


x 33

- Corrected Mom's Knife Item Entry

This mod contains:
Items & Trinkets
can you remake the isaac stuff for afterbirth?
why I use the mod and there is no chang?
I don't know how to help you 3: I'm not good at helping people... Post on the reddit and one of my friends can help you.
Are you making the Isaac of Isaac: Isaac?
Dude, make an Isaac of Isaac mod. The internet wants this
Bravo sir, this is the most beautiful mod ever created hands down. Now I'm waiting for even more Isaac in my Isaac, so keep the Isaac Isaac, Isaac.
Name 5 collectibles and I'll Isaac them for you right meow.
Sacred Heart, Dead Dove, Godhead, Holy Grail, Trinity Shield. Because angel deals need as much Isaac as the devil ones. And may the Isaac be with you, sir.
MEIN GOTT! You're right! I shall get to it immediately!
may i use this in my mod if I point the author of mod you.
P.S. Mod Will not come soon.
Are making an Isaac of Isaac: Reisaac mod? If so, I'd love to help.
i making The binding of isaac Rebirth Ice mod
but i can start creating Isaac of Isaac: Reisaac mod
Lol. Nah. It's fine. I'll end up doing it myself eventually.

Yes! You can use it for your mod
Isaac and his Isaac, lived alone in a small Isaac on an Isaac. Isaac kept to him self, drawing Isaac's and playing with his Isaac's as his Isaac watched christian Isaac's on the Isaac-vision. Life was Isaac.
Without Isaac, he lifted the Isaac and threw himself into the Isaac below.
The entire time I was doing Brimstone I was thinking "Buttface... hurrhurr."
By the way your mod is the 668th mod here, it would be hilarious if it was the 666th
If this is 668, then my Dark Room Boss Health Bar was 666.
I have no idea. It was deleted dunno why
You deserve one billion likes for this, this is outright amazing.
If I knew how to people I'd try to get a team together to do all of the items, but alas, I do not know how to people. Thank you, very much, by the way.
January 16, 2020 - 1 year ago

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