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Descriptive Stat (ESC) Page
Replaces your stat page (pause) with short stat descriptions.
Created 5 years ago
Since I didn't see anything on here that filled this gap I've always had, I went ahead and made it myself. Maybe it's not the prettiest, but either way I always forget what the icons in the stat page represented and I figured others would be into the idea as well.

This'll replace your stat page to have short descriptions of what each icon represents.

Hopefully this helps you out.


To install, simply place the supplied 'gfx' folder into your Resources folder.


x 19

- Some final, cosmetic changes.

- Some final, cosmetic changes.

- Added secondary version with two alternate preferences.

This mod contains:
HUD & Menus
The only problem is that I already know all of the stats :P.
Damn, what an amazing mod. Thanks a bunch.
Hey thanks! I'm glad you got to see it when the recent update finally went through!
You only need to include the files that you actually changed
I'll most probably be updating the mod later tonight with a second variation (just flavor) and I'll be sure to do this, thanks!
No problem. You should check out the updated UI.
I appreciate it a lot, man. Went ahead and did some major cosmetic changes that turned out to be a little clearer/more descriptive.
January 16, 2020 - 12 days ago

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