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Mom's Poop
Created 9 years ago
its the best moms knife skin better than all of those weird ones that make it look like shamrock
i had to go unlock moms knife to upload this screenshot so youd better be happy with it
anyway this is the best mod ever and it also changes moms knife to not be a special item, AND only cost one heart in deals with the devil! and also it looks like literal shit, what more could you ask for?

oh and its differentiated from The Poop because i flipped the item sprite upside down! genius huh


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This mod contains:
Items & Trinkets
Your mod is shit.

It Works as Intended
isaac officially has e coli.
im sorry that its incompatible with afterbirth :'(
no sorry i'm just thinking what i did to deserve see this. XD
Why did I click on the mod page? Why?
weve hit the 8 download milestone guys lets keep this going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
i cannot believe that two entire people have downloaded this
oh it changes the name and the description too but thats not really that important
thank you for this useful comment, i did not know that this mod was shitty , even though i made a very similar joke in the description proper !
ok someone tell me what a seal of approval is please
It means that the mod is what you have advertised it to be in the post.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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