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The Ghost - New Character
Becomes the Wizoob mob !
Created 9 years ago
Yeah... Now... The Ghost is an playable character...

- "Becomes a mob !"
--- Ghost skin !
--- Ghost sound !
--- Items on start: Dead Dove (Fly, Spectral tears), LIL' HAUNT and Monstro's Lungs.
--- The Ghost start with 6 Armor.
--- Custom textures (shoot, tears)

Beta mod, if you found an error or a bug, please report. Thanks! and... HAVE FUN


x 14

- New item on start: Monstro's Lungs (AlbertEinsteinOnCrack idea, thanks!)

- New texture "monstrolungs_shoot.an2"

- New texture for red tears

- Damage reduction for LIL' HAUNT

- Fixed GFX bugs (costumes)

This mod contains:
Hey, here's an idea, give him breath of invincibility? Since wizoobs like to disappear and be invincible
You should make a whole collection, with all the cool mods.
Excuse me, but which charater does this replace?
Its actual name is Wizoob, (just thought you'd maybe want to change how it appears on the selection screen) other than that, that's quite creative, I like it!
I can now play as the thing I hate most, yay!
I feel as if the ghost should also have Monstro's Lung, but I think it would ruin the spectral tear texture
I will update the mod with Monstro's Lungs item (probably a new texture)
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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