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3x items, 3x challenge.
Created 6 years ago

I figured out that the cause of the frequent crashing was the game attempting to spawn XL floors. All characters now start with the Black Candle, so those floors no longer spawn. It's a shame to remove curses from the game, but at least you can play the game without it crashing now. Hallelujah!
This mod changes starting items and room layouts.

-All characters start with more powerful items.
-Each item room gives you three items instead of one.
-Each boss room has three times as many bosses as normal.
-Mini-boss rooms have twice as many mini-bosses as normal.
-Sacrifice rooms, shops, devil deals, libraries, error rooms, chest rooms, etc. all have three times their normal contents.
-Standard rooms are MUCH harder than normal.
-Going through Sheol always gives you the key pieces.

To use the mod:
-Unzip folder
-Move the rooms folder and players.xml file to
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources

To uninstall the mod, simply delete the rooms folder and players.xml file. The game will return to normal.


x 81

- All characters now start with The Black Candle

- Game will no longer occasionally crash when loading a new floor!

- Fixed several rooms where taking damage was unavoidable

my game keeps crashing whenever i try to open it is dis not compatible with afterbirth?
Lol, before hitting the greed button I already have Death's Touch, Pact, and Dead Cat!
hello yes when will this be afterbirth compatible
Right now!
is this compatible with afterbirth
mine crashes on launch
Nope. Basement Renovator for Afterbirth didn't release for a while, so I only started working on an Afterbirth version recently. Since people are asking, I've updated the mod description.
Every time I spawn as the lost, I die and turn into ??? because of the Ankh.
Nice mod soo much crash plz fix this is very unplayable :/
i dont know what it is but im crashing most time if i go to another floor...
I like what you have going on here It's got some serious potential, but a tip that you may or may not need: Don't let yourself get too sadistic with it, I've been there before and it isn't very fun :P But anyways, keep up the good work!
So... LeatherIceCream's Double Trouble mod, but even harder...?

Also, I think you should rework the room with a whole bunch of Suicide King cards (Caves) Especially since you start with a rune, its not very useful.
The cards are meant to make the room harder, not to be useful. They're more of a trap than free loot.
im so stupid, this was a mod mean't to be for challenge
Good idea, bad execution. Only a couple characters are usable, some rooms make it impossible to not take damage, and it crashes way too often between floors. There's a lot of promise, but it needs polish.
Thanks for letting me know. I'll try to fix the crashing as soon as possible.
January 16, 2020 - 1 year ago

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