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[AB+] Triplication
3x Items, 3x Challenge!
Created 4 years ago
This challenge gives the player three times as many items - but also three times as many enemies! Based off my original Rebirth mod, this version is greatly improved for Afterbirth+

The challenge rules:
-You start with extra soul hearts and pickups, equaling triple your normal starting amount
-The first room has 2 items in it
-Item rooms have 3 items in them
-All pickups in all rooms are tripled
-All enemies in all rooms are tripled
-Boss rooms contain three bosses, but the third one waits until one of the first two is dead before showing up (otherwise dodging attacks would be impossible!)
-Devil deals don't triple (because they are glitchy)
-Your goal is to complete 12 floors

If you find any bugs, please let me know. Enjoy the mod!

Steam link:


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This is a really fun mod, but I encountered a bug of sorts. I got to the satan fight, and after I killed the things he spawned, his second phase never began. I was just stuck there with the two statues.
Is this rather easy or hard challenge?
I've made more, but I haven't uploaded them to this site yet. Check the steam workshop.
it seems a lot easier than normal Isaac
I like the idea of turning this mod into a challenge. Nice job.
January 16, 2020 - 1 year ago

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