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DARK SOULS Boss Health Bar
Dark Souls inspired Health Bar for Boss fights
Created 7 years ago
-green Boss Health bar
-Dark Souls style
-red glowing skull eyes
-shadow underneath


x 39
This mod contains:
Enemies & Bosses
HUD & Menus
New Enemies
bosses health bar is darkred, not green.(( it's saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.(((( please, fix it, man.((
Because the game wasn't unsettling enough!

Thanks for this mod. It looks great!
If only someone made a full mod like the undertale mod but for dark souls :-;
not yet but if you know where the Textures of the Healthbars are you can simply put them into right order in resource folder.
I will make a tutorial text or a new version in the future
It kinda works... The health just is red, not green
My healt bar appers black not gree :C
I think that's because It's made for Vanilla Rebirth and not Afterbirth, I have to port/adjust it. Sorry for that, if I have time I will do it.
Oh i see, ill be waiting thanks for such amazing mod the skull is so badass
Thank you very much for your feedback!
Great job, now we just need Dark souls bosses,
I can see it now, mega-Satan is Gwyn, the lamb is Nito, Blue baby is The witch of Izalith/The bed of chaos, Satan is pinwheel, Isaac is Lava centipede, it would be great!
April 10, 2022 - 6 months ago
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