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Entirely New Hair for Maggy Mod
gives Maggy a new hairstyle
Created 8 years ago
Changes Maggy's hair: Her hair is more straight now, with a single noticeable curl. This also affects all of her body spritesheets so that her hair remains consistent throughout all animations.
Changes the Character Select Screen: Maggy's image there has her new hairstyle. Also, Azazel now smiles instead of scowling, and Lazarus is more :| instead of outright sad. I dunno, just made those changes while I was in there.
Changes Maggy's Boss Vs screen and floor transition images to match her new hairstyle.

This mod is basically finalized; I have no plans to update it. Additionally, it's included in my larger mod collection which is not on this site yet due to my laziness and the sheer size of the thing. You can find my mods at the following link until I upload them all on this site.

Standard installation instructions. The zip archive contains a "gfx" folder; just place that in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources and you're good to go.


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This mod contains:
Characters & Babies
HUD & Menus
I have to wonder what the inspiration for this was...
she looks so cute. good job sir!
I love them! Any Afterbirth+ compatibility?
I don't own AB+ yet, so I won't be recreating this mod in AB+ or uploading it to the workshop for the time being, but I might look into making it compatible with Afterbirth. I dunno.
She is so cute and lovely... *.* It would be awesome!
its just a gfx file so it should be fine to replace old textures
Would it be alright if someone updated this for Afterbirth?
I have an updated version that I updated myself, if you want it.
(Wait, weren't you the guy that uploaded an updated version but it got taken down like 5 seconds after it was put up?)
As it turns out, I needed permission to upload it, and well... Anyways, how do ya wanna do this? Man, I feel kinda embarrassed...
Not sure how you'd get permission though, since DoomZero doesn't do Isaac modding anymore I think. (And dude just upload it on mediashare or dropbox or whatever, and just put the link on my Steam profile)
Can you put a link of your updated version on my profile too?
A lady must always try to look her best and you have helped Magdalene do just that. Bravo!
April 10, 2022 - 6 months ago
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