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Worse Item Descriptions
Item descriptions no longer provide useful information.
Created 8 years ago
Item flavor text and some item names have been changed to stupid jokes.

Screenshot might be out of date. Can't remember. Either way, it's still highly representative of what the mod is like.


x 115

- Updated to support Antibirth. Go get that.

- Minor text fixes.

I mean, it was given to me as a gift from someone on youtube when I was generally uninterested in buying it, but sure.

I just did not like any of the new shit, because in my opinion, it's shit.
Cool stuff which, to me, does not excuse the awful garbage that is Hush and Ultra Greed, the stupid balance changes and the added guaranteed damage rooms, after the community went out of their way on multiple occasions to compile all old examples and make it very clear that the inclusion of such rooms was bad design. So they just made more.
So about ~3 more guaranteed damage rooms and one end boss and one optional boss with scaling armor is why you think the entire Afterbirth DLC is shit?
Considering that they're all required for completion's sake, yes. I think these very major flaws ruin the entire thing.
You make mods that consist of changing the text in pre-existing areas. I know you're not a paid developer but you're not in any place to be as much of a shithead as you are being rn tbh.
Not being paid puts me in EXACTLY the right position to be as big of a shit as I want to be, you idiot.
Exactly what I'd expect to hear from a typical Redditor. Think for yourself, you fucking melvin
well mod support was announced sooo any fuckups that afterbirth has done can be reverted. 4ft3rb1rth p15
When Afterbirth+: Actually Fun Edition is made by someone or a group of someones who actually care about making something good, I'll probably come back to this game.
Is there going to be afterbirth soon?
No. Maybe when Afterbirth stops being shit.
do you enjoy being a full time cuck
Almost as much as being a full time meme-parrot.
I mean atleast you can admit it. That's the first step to not being a full time cuck tbh
It took you 8 months to think of the same insult.
I guess I was just doing other stuff, ever thought about that? Sorry to pop your little bubble, but there's a whole wide world out there.
Anyways, have you gotten the DLCs yet or are you still being huffy after over a year?
Yup. And they're absolute shit. I won't be updating this for AB+. I DID update it for Antibirth, however, because that DLC is fantastic.
alright, whatever floats your boat dude
No, there won't. Not by me, anyways.
This is how you create new BOI memes
this mod is very funny i laugh for hours
this mod is very funny i laugh for hours
Why do I need good Item describtions, if I can have worse? Love this mod!
Having some issues. All the descriptions are the same as usual

items.xml needs to just be in the resources folder. No subfolders beyond that.

And just in case, make sure you actually extracted it, and you didn't just leave the zip there.
Fixed it. Just re-downloaded it. Great mod BTW
Mods like this always crack me up.
Step 1. Give this mod to someone new to the game, claiming it to help them.
Step 2. Watch their game on steam or tell them to twitch it.
Step 3. Laugh
Step 4. Play this on their plugdj community
Step 5. Laugh more
Step 6. Convince them to keep playing it saying default descriptions are more dodgy.
Step 7. Be recording it this whole time
Step 8. When they uninstall it and delete the stream, upload to Youtube.
Step 9. Show them the video.
so what did you change since the last version?
This is the first time Nam has posted this mod to this site. If you're looking for the change log, firstly: I dunno if there is one. Secondly: you'd find it on the subreddit. he fixed the issue with abaddon and he changed a few item description
Actually I just fixed the Abaddon thing.
April 10, 2022 - 1 year ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!