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The meming of isaac
that one unfinished mod that sucks real bad
Created 5 years ago
ladies and gentlemen i present to you...

the meming of isaac!

a shitty re-texture mod that i started as a joke with my friend!

have you played The Binding of Isaac and said "wow this game sure is great! if only it had really crappy re-textures over some of the items"

well fret no more poor soul for now you can indulge in all of these not so great features!
- Mtn Dew mysterious liquid tears
- PePe pestilence
- a very syrupy fallen
- mega Obama (probably some kind of political statement)
- Cupid's arrow dorrito tears
- Nicolas Cage as The Cage
- a f*cking banana in a top hat instead of polycephalus
- and more (jk that's all there is... i will update this as i make shite)

yeah on second thought... you probably shouldn't download this mod...


x 31

- added creepy anime angel

- mysterious liquid looks like a can of Mtn Dew before you pick it up

- coin beggar got some swaggy glasses

- that's pretty much it for this crap update

WOW, almost been a year but maybe I'll finish this shite mod
We really need more of these... /s
it is still a work in progress and i plan to add more really bad memes!
January 16, 2020 - 6 months ago

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