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Clearer Item Descriptions
Clearer Item Descriptions
Created 7 years ago

Haven't got the rebirth version anymore.
Afterbirth+ currently not supported as I really cannot be bothered to buy it, I've heard it's pretty terrible, maybe in the future I shall.


x 1146

- Fixed some more item descriptions being too long

- Fixed runes and cards not showing their effect

- Fixed some item's descriptions being too long

- MASSIVE Afterbirth update

- Changes Some Pill Descriptions To Be Clearer.

- Fixed Items Going Off Screen

- Fixed Typing mistakes

- Clearer Items.

- Fixed Some Items Going Of The Screen.

- More Mistakes.

- Runes And Tarot Cards Are Now Modded To Be Clearer!

- Fixed Spelling Mistakes.

- Fixed Grammar.

- Fixed Items Not Being Clearer!

- More Items Are Clearer

- Fixed A Few Spelling Mistakes

- Clearer Item descriptions,more Items are clearer.

I know this is rather late but I actually think afterbirth is a pretty solid add-on
Crashed my game going into a treasure room.
Same man, same! On Rebirth, no other mods and DLC
чёт не работает
I don't understand what this means,can you describe it clearer?
How do you use WinZip to get the mods to work?
My game crashed when I went to the Gold Room
sorry but how do i install this?
Hope you will make a AB+ version soon.
Dunno if I'm gonna bother with that ,if it means I have to rebuy it or something, also heard that Afterbirth+ isn't very good anyway.
they've hammered out all the bugs now, so its great I highly recommend it while u get the discount
No. It's whrite on the description.
Sick. Helpful not having to get some item site on your second monitor. Thx
I may just be an idiot, but how do I download version 4 or below? I swap to on the drop down list, but it always downloads version 5.2. Version 5.2 crashes mine, so I want to use an older one.
Yeah same, how do we download version 4?
Should just show on the drop downbox,click Version 4 then download.
This actually doesn't work.. Keeps downloading 5.2. Can you upload it somewhere else and share the link?
Rip, just tried it and you're right, it doesn't work.
Sadly I don't have the rebirth version saved as I made that when I was on my old computer.
I don't enderstand,
When i enter in a item room, my game crash...
Can you help me ?
i have the same problem, if you find out how to fix can you tell me?
What other mods are you guys using?
If you're getting crashes then you most likely don't have Afterbirth.
Version 4 and below should be Rebirth compatible.
me:"oh i don't really know how to install this...oh a read me! that can help me!"
opens readifyouwant
*the lack of instructions fills you with disapointment
gr8 mod 8/10
There's a help page for downloading mods on the actual website.
its ok i figured it out myself, thanks for trying to help tho
could use some tweaking on removing long text, but overall a nice lightweigth mod that works well with afterbirth
Probably one of the most helpful mods for people who can't figure out what most items do.
Best Mod that i found (finally i know everything without looking at the Isaac sheet)
tbh didnt even know what some of the items did (like habit or monkey paw) dont kill me pls
Game crashes when I enter item room
It is probably because this is afterbirth and you are using rebirth. I did the same thing.
great mod, but i think i found a mistake: the scissors description right now is "flight" but that item doesnt gives you flight. it cuts your head off, your head becomes a stationary turrent and you move your body around. i think you confused it with pinking shears.
I have beat the game but I NEVER remember the ITEMS (Clearer: What the items DO) THANKS SOOO MUCH
Thanks! Very good for new players!
its a great mod but i already know what all items do but i hope it can help me with the numbers
meh sadly i know 99% of the items by now, would have been usefull at the start
Congrats you made the game more suited for newcomers. You want a reward? Okay here is a macaroni noodle.
Очень полезно!
April 10, 2022 - 2 months ago
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