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Breakfast is now Apple
Breakfast too yucky? How about Apple?
Created 9 years ago
If you were like me, I think video game characters have feelings too, so instead of having Isaac eat Breakfast, how about an Apple? Well now, you can! This features:
-An Apple
-"Nice" Description
-A Readme of Instructions
I hope you like, this is mah first mod
Screenshot is two hundred something four kb but the mod identifies it as over 300 kb, so here you go:


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This mod contains:
Items & Trinkets
Add a fucking discriptions!11!1!!1!111
Now I can find infinite apples instead of bad milk when Im on a BASEMENT run! Danku
How could such a huge apple fit in such a small Isaac? Only God knows...
Sadly, yes, but he knows he had a good meal
But after eating the Apple, Issac is still crying, right?
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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