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Repentance Run Tracker
Real time runs tracking app, winstreaks rules builder and more..
Created 3 years ago

Repentance Run Tracker (early release)

Repentance Run Tracker is an Electron app to record your runs in The Binding Of Isaac: Repentance (not supporting older version of the game). This project was inspired by RebirthItemTracker project wich reads and parse the log.txt to track what is happening during the game, and also The Finding of Items.



Date format
Change the date format to :

  • Day / Month / Year
  • Month / Day / Year

Hour format
Change the hour format to :

  • 24 hours
  • 12 hours

Hide active items
It hides active items from floors.

Isaac mods folder
This is important for extra runs informations, like all the character infos (life, bombs, keys, coins, stats) not available in logs. It adds a mod in your game then write extra lines in logs. The mod folder is in the game folder (since repentance update), from steam right click on the game then click on "Manage" then "Browse local files", open "mods" folder and copy the full path. Exemple : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\mods


You can build custom winstreaks rules for each saves (1, 2 and 3) and it analyzes your recorded runs to validate each streak, if you add multi characters (exemple : Isaac THEN Cain THEN Judas) and/or multi bosses you must respect the order to validate the rule. The rule will show you wich character you have to play and wich boss you have to beat in case of multi characters/bosses.

Customize runs

You can add title to your run, it will be used for search and (later) visible on the cards.

Run Duration
The app can not get the ingame time (i didn't find a way yet) so at the moment it checks the start run date and end run date to guess the run duration, you can still edit it manually.

Video link
You can add any video link here.

Video Higlights
If something exciting happens during your run you can add a timecode, if the video link is from YouTube or Twitch it automatically opens the link with the right timecode on click.

You can add tags used for filtering (tags filter available later).


You can find the source code on my Github

Steam deck support

Release (download AppImage) : Here
Wiki : Here


x 27

- HOTFIX: app not loading json

- [add non-intrusive errors option](

- [improve app optimization](

- [fix "run end" event not always trigger](

- A lot of changes here to keep responsive application during run tracking. If you are in run, the app don't show all the runs anymore and disable filters. Sometimes the 'end run' trigger wasn't working because called after 'main menu', it is now fixed and should record run end status properly. There was performance issues with a very big runs.json, in the future i'll check for splitting runs.json and having the possibility to archive old runs.

- add non-intrusive errors option

- improve app optimization

- fix "run end" event not always trigger

- A lot of changes here to keep responsive application during run tracking. If you are in run, the app don't show all the runs anymore and disable filters. Sometimes the 'end run' trigger wasn't working because called after 'main menu', it is now fixed and should record run end status properly. There was performance issues with a very big runs.json, in the future i'll check for splitting runs.json and having the possibility to archive old runs.

- Increase perf by limiting recalculating filters & add ongoing runs filter

- add run status option to edit run (readme updated for edit runs)

- update packages

- update electron

- fix custom files paths

- Update broken runs workflow

- add personal best count on winstreak with same rules #55 (feature)

- update locales

- update fiend folio mod support

- avoid modpath auto update on linux

- add new option to ignore saves #52 (feature)

- fix not showing characters small portraits

- fix trash design issue

- update electron and node

- add fiend folio mod support, this is a very fun mod and i like it very much, can be cool to have the app working with !

- add more detailled character stats record, save start stats (can be usefull for Eden) and save the stats for each floors

- add "sort by" filter option

- add item custom query to search box :

- Search an item : `:item:[item id]:[floor number, default = 1]`

- exemple, search runs with Pentagram found at second floor : `:item:51:2`

- rework border images for runs and winstreaks

- Rework Win Streaks, archive failed streaks and mark the failed run with the number of streaks

- "Best Win Streak" option in "Win Condition" is now based on the amount of run's ids per win streak and not calculated on the fly anymore (more accurate and optimized)

- 0.7.7 post release hotfix

- Fix winstreak edit that dosen't correctly save

- Change winstreak frame images

- Fix floors slider that dosen't correctly update from current run

- Build a backup at every run end

- Refactor winstreaks components

- Allow "Delirium" boss to validate "Blue Baby", "The Lamb" or "Mega Satan" streak if "Delirium" is beaten early (like from the "Mom's Foot" portal)

- Allow to edit winstreak

- Various fixes if the app is not launched at a run start or during an app/game crash to resume/track the run. But, it will not work if a run is resume (from continue option in game) and was not intialized in app.

- Refacor floors component to Swiper instead of Vue-Scroll, mousewheel scroll is enabled and glitches should be gone.

- fix runs update (writing issues during db update)

- Fixed an issue with previous release (0.7.4), missing "backups" folder would make the app crash (can happen if this is the first install, or if the user remove it manually)

- fix corrupted runs without character

- optimize backups checking

- 0.7.3 :

- Runs database updated to lowdb

- Show main bosses in runs tracker

- 0.7.2 (hotfix) :

- fix missing fonts

- fix auto update

- 0.7.1 :

- Add 2 new "streaks" filters under win condition ("Current win streak", "Best win streak"), it works dynamically with other filters (Characters, saves...)

- Add total runs count

- Dependencies and Electron updates

- fix run tracking recovery on isaac crash/quit/continue

- remove entities warning from main app logs (too many)

- update entities (json and images)

- fix Esau Jr. item

- improve collectible manager accuracy

- add coins heart to tainted keeper

- add chart (items/rooms/ennemies per floors)

- add rooms tracking

- add minimap builder component

- add run's stats screen with more details

- hotfix missing translations

- improve mods checker

- add custom items support (racing+ mod's items as test)

- add full app localization for french (thanks to @biobak64)

- add partial localizations based on official game translation (Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, Russian and Simplified Chinese)

- fix real run duration (from mod)

- add glitched items support

- fix characters filter

- change runs pagination to pagination component

- add smelted trinkets

- add golden trinkets sprites made by Gamonymous (@Rchardon)

- add smelted goldens trinkets

- clean items json

- change mod logs player stats accuracy

- improve greed run detection

- update runs update events

- fix heavy run updates loads with Taurus or Red Stew

- add debug tools

- update debug tools in dev mode

- hotfix issue with greed mode detection on normal games

- add multi characters runs support (multiplayer, Strawman, Soul of Jacob & Esau)

- improve Jacob & Esau character support

- fix pagination issue

- change date lib momentjs to luxon

- fix run init if character is not ready

- fix old folder chercker migration tool

- add backups cleaning task

- fix greed runs (looks better and Ultra Greedier boss is added to Winstreaks rules)

- update app error screen

- update zip helpers and add more logs

- update and add more filters (characters, dates range, win condition, save)

- update electron and node up to v16

- improve app errors handling

- refactor runs filters and add tags filter option

- add custom select component

- update custom select component

- clean file system tools and change mod version

- fix issue with old app folder checker

- fix issue if game logs don't break line after initialized player line

- sort backups zip during restore by created dates

- handle corrupted init jsons errors and auto restore

- For 0.6.0 i tried to add more stability, there is a new screen in case of app error to help me debug issues, it will guide you on what to do. I also added working tags filter, i'll bring more filters during next updates.

- add custom name display to runs

- fix run end issue if extended mod end event trigger before game end event

- update updateApp component

- update electron and vue-cli-electron-builder

- App should be way more stable now !

- clean and hide unfinished item tracker for the moment

- add logs to track mod modifications (creation/update)

- fix removing item

- add real ingame time at run end if mod enabld (it works again now)

- fix ansi-html dependency vulnerability

- Update for last Repentance update (1.7.5)

- Add real ingame time at the end of the run if mod is enabled

- Add missing item "Broken Glass Cannon"

- Handle more errors (missing item, missing character)

- Add some logs while app is running (logs folder in app data folder)

- Add appx build support for futur Windows Store release

- Fix issue from appx build support wich change app data folder name (repentance-run-tracker to repentanceruntracker), importing important files from old folder to new folder and rename old folder "repentance-run-tracker-backup"

- Various fixes and code cleaning

- App rename "repentance-run-tracker" to "Repentance Run Tracker", you can delete old shortcut from your desktop

- Add a remove run button at the bottom of edit run popup

- Add runs garbage collection system (new trash icon on the taskbar)

- fix issue with mod folder and files creation

- test app update

- fix issue with mod folder and files creation

- test app update

Can this track modded characters? If so, is it only a select few? Or all modded characters? Also this is great!
I've ran the setup but when I try to run the tracker nothing happens. I see it running as a background task in task manager but I dont see any application open. Am I doing something wrong?
So I was able to get the latest version of the mod to work by uninstalling it and installing a previous version first. After it updated to the latest it worked.
Thanks for notice it ! I think i know why ! I'll fix it
I've wanted something like this for YEARS now, thank you!

Is there any way of tracking how long your longest final boss kill streak is on a per character, per difficulty basis? e.g. 2 Mom kills on Isaac, longest streak is 1, seed for the longest streak is [seed]?

At the moment I'm tracking this in a separate spreadsheet ( but it'd be neat to have in-game.
Unfortunately the logs doesn't give the difficulty when you start a game
Oh that's no fun Is there any way of tracking the other things (longest killstreak on X character with the seeds of that streak)?
Yeah i can add a feature like this ! Let me check !

Can you add a feature request to the github so i can track it ?

You can check here (you'll need a github account) :

Explain everything you want
This is great! Is there a way to export the data? Looking for XML or equivalent...
Thanks !

Yes you can find the jsons datas in :

runs.json for the runs datas
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!