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Repentance Run Tracker
Real time runs tracking app, winstreaks rules builder and more..
Created 22 days ago

Repentance Run Tracker (early release)

Repentance Run Tracker is an Electron app to record your runs in The Binding Of Isaac: Repentance (not supporting older version of the game). This project was inspired by RebirthItemTracker project wich reads and parse the log.txt to track what is happening during the game, and also The Finding of Items.



Date format
Change the date format to :

  • Day / Month / Year
  • Month / Day / Year

Hour format
Change the hour format to :

  • 24 hours
  • 12 hours

Hide active items
It hides active items from floors.

Isaac mods folder
This is important for extra runs informations, like all the character infos (life, bombs, keys, coins, stats) not available in logs. It adds a mod in your game then write extra lines in logs. The mod folder is in the game folder (since repentance update), from steam right click on the game then click on "Manage" then "Browse local files", open "mods" folder and copy the full path. Exemple : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\mods


You can build custom winstreaks rules for each saves (1, 2 and 3) and it analyzes your recorded runs to validate each streak, if you add multi characters (exemple : Isaac THEN Cain THEN Judas) and/or multi bosses you must respect the order to validate the rule. The rule will show you wich character you have to play and wich boss you have to beat in case of multi characters/bosses.

Customize runs

You can add title to your run, it will be used for search and (later) visible on the cards.

Run Duration
The app can not get the ingame time (i didn't find a way yet) so at the moment it checks the start run date and end run date to guess the run duration, you can still edit it manually.

Video link
You can add any video link here.

Video Higlights
If something exciting happens during your run you can add a timecode, if the video link is from YouTube or Twitch it automatically opens the link with the right timecode on click.

You can add tags used for filtering (tags filter available later).


You can find the source code on my Github


There is still a lot to do :

  • Add more runs filters options
  • Add compact current run "item tracker" view component
  • Add stats
  • And more...


x 6

- Add a remove run button at the bottom of edit run popup

- Add runs garbage collection system (new trash icon on the taskbar)

- fix issue with mod folder and files creation

- test app update

- fix issue with mod folder and files creation

- test app update

April 5, 2021 - 7 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.