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Isaac On Twitch Reloaded
Mod for Twitch and Youtube integration
Created 2 years ago
Allow your audience to participate in the game! This mod gives you the possibility to connect your Youtube and Twitch chats, giving your viewers the ability to vote for what's happening on the screen.


- Events
Viewers can choose special events that have different effects on your run

- Subscribers
All Twitch subscribers and YouTube sponsors will come into play as your companions

- Interactivity
Viewers get a gigantic amount of control over the game: from tossing out coins and items to controlling player movement with commands in the chat room

- New items and trinkets
Find special Twitch rooms in the runs - there will be something completely new waiting for you in there

How to play

  • Before starting the game, make sure you have --luadebug flag in the game's startup parameters. IT IS IMPORTANT! If you do not do this, the mod will not start ( Instruction )
  • Run the game and start the run
  • Go to and click the "Start" button
  • Enter the name of the channel for Twitch and/or a link to the stream for YouTube, set the desired mod settings
  • Voting has started, now just try not to die!

Found a bug? Report it here:
Report bug

Any questions? Visit the mod's discord server:
Isaac On Twitch Discord

The mod's website:


x 36

- Fixed server timeouts

- Fixed EID translation

- Fixed item voting

- Expanded ignorable items list for Easy and Normal mode

- Fixed trinkets bug with onDamage callback

- Fixed "Danger" event for friendly enemies

- Added new event

- Added new trinket

- Fixed infinity ghosts number on "Ghostbusters" event

- Decreased Twitch room chance from 25% to 20%

- Fixed "Kappa Pride" and "Future man" synergy (because there shouldn't be any synergy)

- Fixed "Tears equals spiders" event with Tractor beam item

- Fixed "Richy" event, now it gains only 1 luck up

- Fixed some trinkets

- Fixed Twitch room items spawn

- Fixed "Hell" event, fireplaces visible now

- Fixed "Spiky" events, spikes no longer block doors

- Fixed all events and items with charm effect, like Twitch Raid, Angel Rage, etc.

- Fixed Flash Jump event

- Fixed Flash event, now speed changes correctly

- Fixed spawn monsters on Beast, now all events after Beast's and Dogma death end immediately, and all enemies die

- Fixed "Toxic" event, now game shouldn't crash. Probably.

- Fixed "Tenet" event, now rooms switch correctly

- Reworked "Super hot" event, now bosses also stop (except for special animations). It is not known how correctly this feature will work.

- Reworked "Pyrosis" event, red poops replaced with red dips

- Improved "Tears equal spiders" event, now it works on lasers

- Fixed "Ghostbusters" event, now it don't spawn ghosts on Dogma and Beast and don't crash game

- Fixed "Flash" event (was bugged in a previous update)

- Improved "Isaac of Isaac" event, tears and projectiles now also Isaac

- Improved "Call to The Void" event, now it run Black Rune and spawn friendly portal

- Improved "Bossfight" event, added bosses from Repentance

- Improved "Give me your money" event, now it spawns 3 slot machines

- Improved "Auto Aim" event, now it works with lasers and knife

- Improved "You belong to us" event, now player moves faster

- Fixed Twitch room generation, now it's not generated in large or small rooms, in locations with exits, plot items or bosses, as well as in the levels Home and ???

- Third-party pickups no longer spawn in the Twitch room and do not prevent Twitch items from spawning

- Reworked Twitch hearts, now it's spawn wisps intead of spiders

- Improved "Kappa Pride" item, now it's works with lasers and knife

- Fixed some passive items

- Change version number on title screen

- First compatibility changes for Repentance

- AB+ is no longer supported

- Fixed some bugs with Twitch room generation and events.

- Improved "Static electricity" event

- Improved "Diarrhea" event.

- Polaroid, Negative and Key Pieces items will no longer appear in polls with easy game mode or default mode.

- You can now actually send X for Jason in the Heavy Rain event (streamers, pls don't kill me)

- If the votes are equal, a random option will be chosen

- Fixed critical bug with familiars

- Fixed bug with "Flies and flies" event

- Fixed bug with bits donation

- Now information about callbacks is written to the logs

- Added new event

- Added 2 new items

- First voting option for coins, bombs and keys has been changed

- Fixed Attack on titan event

- Small bugfixes and improvements

- "Shadow clones" event rebalanced

- Changed item sprites

- Fix bug with pictures of items on new run

- Fix bug with Twitch room generation in Womb

- Fix position update for "Open site" text

- Small improvements, new trinket and "Open site" button in start room

- Fix one trinket name

This is amazing! Do you have a list of all the new trinkets/items and their effects? Also, do you know why the new items sometimes turn invisible on pedestals?
April 10, 2022 - 1 year ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!