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Moon Pack 1
A pack of different unrelated items and trinkets.
Created 4 years ago
This is my first mod featuring 17 new passive items, 1 new activated item, and 6 trinkets. Some of the items may be kind of dumb overpowered, but I tried to make all of them not seem irrelevant. A lot of the images I made for the items are just re-colors and slight additions to existing images, but I eventually went out of my way to make original images for some of them. I plan to release atleast one more Moon Pack at some point. I also couldn't really be bothered to fiddle with the Animation Editor, so unfortunately none of the items change the character's look. However, I did figure out how to change how tears appear, somewhat.

Feel free to tell me about bugs or stuff that my items might break.

EDIT: After a while, I've decided to add a list here of each item in this mod just so people know what they're getting into, and because I'm working on a second Moon Pack (after only 10 months! I am truly an efficient man.)


1. Rice Milk - Passive - Tears Up, ignoring the minimum value. Lower Tear stats cause Rice Milk to give a higher Tears Up.

2. Orange Juice - Passive - Damage, Shot Speed, and Range Up.

3. Black Rock - Passive - Damage Up, Speed Down. Gives Isaac 1 Black Heart.

4. The High - Passive - Range and Tear Height Up.

5. Dim Candle - Passive - Tears Up, tears now split with the Parasite effect.

6. Angry Onion - Passive - Damage and Speed Up.

7. Amblyopia - Passive - Tears and Shot Speed Down, but tears now use the Anti-Gravity effect.

8. Lilith's Mascara - Passive - Damage Way Up, Tears and Shot Speed Way Down. Tears now appear red.

9. Demonhead - Passive - Damage Way Up, Tears Down. Tears are now red, and periodically slain enemies will drop a Black Heart (only when Isaac has no Red Hearts.)

10. Psychic Mushroom - Passive - Range Up, Tears Down, tears are now homing and bright purple.

11. Black Mirror - Passive - Increases Damage and Shot Speed, tears now return to Isaac, and gives Isaac 1 Black Heart.

12. Conjunctivitis - Passive - Tears and Shot Speed increased. Tears are now on fire.

13. Cherubim Bow - Passive - Range and Shot Speed Way Up, Tears Down, tears are now piercing.

14. Snake Eggs - Passive - Tears are now both magnetic and homing.

15. Eye of Mort - Passive - Lob shot.

16. Glue - Passive - Tears down, tears now stick to enemies and deal periodic damage, and are white.

17. Nailgun - Passive - Tears and Shot Speed Way Up, Damage Down. Tears are now nails.

18. The Copper Poop - Activated - May drop a variety of coins, or spawn Blue Flies.


1. Two-Leaf Clover - Half of your base Luck value is taken and added to it. (EX: 2 Luck, 2/2=1, so Luck would now be 3)

2. Pocket Onion - If Tears are above the minimum, increases Tears, if they are below the minimum, increases Damage.

3. Flag Piece - Damage is increased by 20% when your Luck is above 3.

4. Strange Earring - Gives a chance on entering a room for tears to either be normal, homing, or a very small chance for them to be multidimensional and have increased Range.

5. Faded Negative - On damage, has a chance to give Isaac 2 Black Hearts.

6. Dove Feather - On damage, has a chance to spawn either a full Red Heart, an Eternal Heart, or both.


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no guarantees because ill have to relearn how to mod but i might try to work on the moon pack 2 i mentioned in the coming weeks/months and ill try to include more items than this pack had
I know im annoying but....Rebirth?
if you mean make this compatible with base rebirth, idk how. if you mean rebirth of the mod overall, yea im potentially gonna work on moon pack 2. sorry for the delay
it doesnt work i dont know what to do i open the file with winRAR and then i copy everything and no work
sorry for the hiatus; you did put it in the correct file right? under Documents/My Games/Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ Mods
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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