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Moon Pack 1
A pack of different unrelated items and trinkets.
Created 1 year ago
This is my first mod featuring 17 new passive items, 1 new activated item, and 6 trinkets. Some of the items may be kind of dumb overpowered, but I tried to make all of them not seem irrelevant. A lot of the images I made for the items are just re-colors and slight additions to existing images, but I eventually went out of my way to make original images for some of them. I plan to release atleast one more Moon Pack at some point. I also couldn't really be bothered to fiddle with the Animation Editor, so unfortunately none of the items change the character's look. However, I did figure out how to change how tears appear, somewhat.

Feel free to tell me about bugs or stuff that my items might break.

EDIT: After a while, I've decided to add a list here of each item in this mod just so people know what they're getting into, and because I'm working on a second Moon Pack (after only 10 months! I am truly an efficient man.)


1. Rice Milk - Passive - Tears Up, ignoring the minimum value. Lower Tear stats cause Rice Milk to give a higher Tears Up.

2. Orange Juice - Passive - Damage, Shot Speed, and Range Up.

3. Black Rock - Passive - Damage Up, Speed Down. Gives Isaac 1 Black Heart.

4. The High - Passive - Range and Tear Height Up.

5. Dim Candle - Passive - Tears Up, tears now split with the Parasite effect.

6. Angry Onion - Passive - Damage and Speed Up.

7. Amblyopia - Passive - Tears and Shot Speed Down, but tears now use the Anti-Gravity effect.

8. Lilith's Mascara - Passive - Damage Way Up, Tears and Shot Speed Way Down. Tears now appear red.

9. Demonhead - Passive - Damage Way Up, Tears Down. Tears are now red, and periodically slain enemies will drop a Black Heart (only when Isaac has no Red Hearts.)

10. Psychic Mushroom - Passive - Range Up, Tears Down, tears are now homing and bright purple.

11. Black Mirror - Passive - Increases Damage and Shot Speed, tears now return to Isaac, and gives Isaac 1 Black Heart.

12. Conjunctivitis - Passive - Tears and Shot Speed increased. Tears are now on fire.

13. Cherubim Bow - Passive - Range and Shot Speed Way Up, Tears Down, tears are now piercing.

14. Snake Eggs - Passive - Tears are now both magnetic and homing.

15. Eye of Mort - Passive - Lob shot.

16. Glue - Passive - Tears down, tears now stick to enemies and deal periodic damage, and are white.

17. Nailgun - Passive - Tears and Shot Speed Way Up, Damage Down. Tears are now nails.

18. The Copper Poop - Activated - May drop a variety of coins, or spawn Blue Flies.


1. Two-Leaf Clover - Half of your base Luck value is taken and added to it. (EX: 2 Luck, 2/2=1, so Luck would now be 3)

2. Pocket Onion - If Tears are above the minimum, increases Tears, if they are below the minimum, increases Damage.

3. Flag Piece - Damage is increased by 20% when your Luck is above 3.

4. Strange Earring - Gives a chance on entering a room for tears to either be normal, homing, or a very small chance for them to be multidimensional and have increased Range.

5. Faded Negative - On damage, has a chance to give Isaac 2 Black Hearts.

6. Dove Feather - On damage, has a chance to spawn either a full Red Heart, an Eternal Heart, or both.


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it doesnt work i dont know what to do i open the file with winRAR and then i copy everything and no work
sorry for the hiatus; you did put it in the correct file right? under Documents/My Games/Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ Mods
April 5, 2021 - 2 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.