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Moon Pack 1
A pack of different unrelated items and trinkets.
Created 10 months ago
This is my first mod featuring 17 new passive items, 1 new activated item, and 6 trinkets. Some of the items may be kind of dumb overpowered, but I tried to make all of them not seem irrelevant. A lot of the images I made for the items are just re-colors and slight additions to existing images, but I eventually went out of my way to make original images for some of them. I plan to release atleast one more Moon Pack at some point. I also couldn't really be bothered to fiddle with the Animation Editor, so unfortunately none of the items change the character's look. However, I did figure out how to change how tears appear, somewhat.

Feel free to tell me about bugs or stuff that my items might break.


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January 16, 2020 - 11 months ago

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