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Jesus Christ, Why?!
Created 5 years ago
This mod adds in a new character dubbed as GB.

His strength cannot be matched as only he can survive his own destruction.

He carries with him a multitude of items to ensure his win.

-- Collectibles --
Humbling Bundle
Sad Bombs

-- Active --
Clicker: For when his destruction is at an end
Self Restrain: For when he thinks his enemies had enough.

Character design based on Azazel

This section is about additional changes that this mod has implented

-- Removed Items --
Mutant Spider (All 8)
20/20 (All 8)

-- New Item --
Active: Self restrain (Prechecks and rechecks for player tears to remove)

GB has been given his own "wardrobe" for his specified look
These costumes are either warped or broken from GB's face or complete loss of his blood

Character Design based on Azazel


x 2

- GB has been given a new item he usually holds as well an added bonus, but has gotten rid of items he deems unnecessary.

- Given School Bag to hold Clicker and new Active Item.

- Self Restrain: For when he thinks his enemies had enough.

- Removed Mutant Spider (All 8)

- Removed 20/20 (All 8)

- The only time that the active item Self Restrain can be used is if there are any available player tears.

- His default mood and form is now changing all items physical effects and no longer bleeds.

- He Actually has no teeth.

- All forms changed to match his aesthetic is listed on the Steam Change Log.

- - Removed Azazel character texture

- - Removed Eve's head texture

- - Updated character menu

- - Updated character default emotion

- Discuss this update in the discussions section.

this look pretty cool and is a very good idea for a tutorial character 10/10.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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