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Colorblind Accessibility Mod
Adjusted graphics to help colorblind players!
Created 4 years ago
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This mod changes some graphics of the game to make them easier to see and distinguish by colorblind players.
It's compatible with Rebirth, Afterbirth and Afterbirth+.

This is a continuation and overhaul of the original Colorblind Accessibility mod by CyborgDragon.


UPDATE May 7th 2018

The mod is now compatible with AB+ update Booster Pack #5!

Also added some more improvements and fixes, while removing some color changes which turned out to be unnecessary.
You can see the direct differences to the previous version here.

In order to properly get all changes, please uninstall the mod first completely before reinstalling it.


Detailed Features

  • The active item charge bar has a colored outline when overcharged.
  • Red border of Hard Mode completion marks is orange and brighter.
  • Increased color contrast of some HUD and minimap icons.
  • Names of Afterbirth challenges on the challenge screen are more orange.
  • Names of Afterbirth+ challenges on the challenge screen are more blue.
    [*]Purple Flames are dark blue.
  • Red Poop has white specks in it.
  • Red Chests have fangs.
  • Pentagram of button for nightmare boss wave in Greed Mode is darker.
    [*]Added visible bumps to Gut.
  • Added spikes to Nerve Ending 2.
  • Spits now carry a tear underneath to differentiate from Suckers.
  • Rotty is brighter and has rips in the skin.
  • Poky now has more random spikes and a cracked corner.
  • Slide has thinner spikes.
    [*]Black Hearts have less contrast compared to red hearts, and additionally have a pentagram underneath.
  • Soul Hearts are brighter.
  • Nickels and dimes have animated sparkles.
  • Sinus Infection collectible looks more goopy.
  • Number One collectible has two drops.
  • Symbol on Anarchist Cookbook is more orange to increase contrast to Book of Shadows.
  • Heart on Big Beautiful Fly familiar is more pink and brighter.
  • Locust of Death has a skull face.
  • Locust of Wrath is angry and also more orange.
  • Locust of Pestilence is dripping with poison.
  • Locust of Famine has a grin.
  • A white and yellow pill is now white and orange.
  • The Virus syringe is broken.
  • Roid Rage syringe is leaking.
  • Experimental Treatment syringe is more filled and has bubbles.
  • The glass of the Speedball syringe is more red.
    [*]The Womb's ultrasound-ish overlay has been removed.


AFTERBIRTH+ USERS, subscribe to the item on the Workshop here.


1. Extract the downloaded .zip file
2. Copy and paste the contents of the "resources - Tritanopia only" folder into .../Steam/steamapps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources


1. Extract the downloaded .zip file
2. Copy and paste the included "resources" folder into .../Steam/steamapps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth
3. REBIRTH USERS: Copy the contents of the additional "REBIRTH (...)" folder into your game's resources folder. Do this AFTER adding the other files.

It's recommended to make a backup copy of your game's resources folder before installing the mod.


Hope this helps! I've tried to account for different kinds of color blindnesses, but as I'm not colorblind myself, I can only rely on simulations and feedback. If I missed any important things, let me know!

Special thanks to CyborgDragon for starting this project in the first place and letting me continue it.


x 30

- Updated the mod to be compatible with Booster Pack #5.

- Black Rune is now cracked.

- Brightened the soul heart minimap icon.

- Adjusted colors of the completion icons slightly.

- Adjusted colors of challenge names slightly.

- Decreased contrast of the fangs of Red Chests slightly.

- Changed the tint of Rotty's body to fit the head color better.

- Reverted Bloody Lust to its original color.

- Reverted Boil to its original color.

- Reverted Nerve Ending 2 to its original color.

- Nerve Ending 2 now has spikes.

- Reverted Poky, Wall Hugger and Slide to their original color.

- Slide now has shinier spikes.

- Poky now has a cracked corner.

- Improved visuals of Rotty's ripped skin.

- Improved visuals of Spit's carried tear.

- Fixed a few missing shadow pixels on some hud icons.

- Fixed some miscolored pixels on the completion icons.

- Added a visual fix to some chest item altars missing outlines.

- Reverted charge bar back to be filled green and made the charge bar outline colored when overcharged.

- Nickels and dimes now visibly sparkle.

- Sinus Infection looks more goopy.

- Number One has two drops.

- Fixed Nerve Ending 2 file being in the wrong folder.

- Added an extra folder that includes only the files specifically relevant for Tritanopia.

- 2.0.0, 2017/10/12

- Initial upload to this site.

- Updated to Afterbirth+. The mod is now continued by ChiraChan.

- Added many new sprite changes and adjustments

- Changes:

- Image preview:

- Purple fire is now dark blue.

- The Virus syringe is now broken in the middle and top, rather than just top.

- Reverted bigger shadows back to normal size because they had issues with large entities.

- Charge Bar now has a blue outline when charged instead of green. Overcharge is still filled red.

- Minor improvements to other sprites.

- ---------------------------------------------

- 1.1.1, 2014/11/22

- Changed all filenames to lowercase only. This fixes loose overrides working on *nix systems.

- 1.1.0, 2014/11/21

- Black hearts are now darker than red hearts, rather than lighter, for better contrast against both red hearts and soul hearts.

- The pentagram underneath black hearts is more visible.

- Empty chargebar is transparent instead of white.

- Chargebar outline now changes with charge/overcharge.

- Shadows now have a cloudy pattern, instead of a solid color.

- Shadows are now 50% larger.

- 1.0.1, 2014/11/19

- Fixed the Spit sprite, missed a folder in the folder structure.

- 1.0.0, 2014/11/19

- Initial release.

You are a kind hearted person

PS: i don't have Colorblind but you are a nice person
Thank you for being thoughtful for the colorblind. You really are a kind hearted person.
Good idea, congratulations for caring for others who unfortunately can not or do have difficulty distinguishing colors, it is always good to adapt the games so that everyone can play
ur a great person! u spend time to help colorblind people, i hope this mod will get more downloads (sry for my English if anything is wrong)
Nice job dude , this mod should be getting more downloads , because it could help many players that are colorblind.
omg thankyou , i neeeeed this mod , im colourblind ... its not easy being me :P
Could you please help me make mods? I've been searching around the website for help
April 5, 2021 - 6 days ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.