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The Binding of Isaac: Baptism Of Demon
+100 enemies +40 bosses +2 characters and more
Created 3 years ago
Baptism of Demon Collection

This mod adds a lot of enemies, bosses,
couple of items etc ..
30% enemies are from modification "the binding of wisda 2" but have new skins
The mod has two new playable characters.
because of the fact - lua is hard for me, this mod is more ingenious than other "large mods" for isaac+
I will try to get more lua-enemies/bosses to next update
mod no have a new final bosses or new floors (this will change, pls wait)
I started working in April 16th to August 28
when you want to help in creating this mod write in the comet "like pineapples"

+100 new enemies
+40 new bosses
+1 new items
+2 new characters
+1300 new rooms
New soundtracks
New re-skins

thanks for:


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that's really a great mod but my isaac crashes at every restart after a death pls fix.
Can't afford Afterbirth + and no one will buy it for me ;~; ill just die

sorry begging wont get you anywhere buddy
This looks amazing , great work , can't wait to try it , I will give some feedback after I will play more . But at the first glance this sounds awesome.
cant wait to try it out i finaly got AF+
man can u upload the file to here i am having problems download stuff from steam workshop
sory but the page refuses to obey me :/
oki well thx for replying atleast i really liked how the mod looked well i hope i play it someday (when i find a way to fix steam workshop )
Amazing game mechanics, monters AI, but you should take good spiter in your team, cause most sprites in this mod sucks. Overall, I enjoyed, 8/10.
Your issue with the map may be clashing room ids. If you have two rooms with the same ID in the stb, it will glitch out your rooms and such. I found that out the hard way. Best of luck!
January 16, 2020 - 8 months ago

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