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Proper Gold Soul Hearts
Colored just like the favicon
Created 5 years ago
These are golden soul hearts that have their color based off of the site's favicon.
Idea from JME, but the colors of his hearts were a bit off. I didn't intend to offend you with the title.


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This mod contains:
HUD & Menus
download I write I can not do that
When I applied this mod, the map was messed up and donation machines started dissappearing in shops.
what do you have against blue? BibleThump. but yes i like it and will give it a try. are you able to change them to purple?
So...I'm going to take the Mona Lisa, and print it in black and white. Then, it shall be mine.
No map textures? I can help you fix that if I would have a reason to get off my ass and do something. Send me a steam message if you're interested. It shouldn't be too hard.
Uh, I totally remember doing map textures...
Yeah, and I even put them in too. Why are you offering to do what's already been done?
lol'd when I saw the 3rd Golden Heart mod between 2 days on this site.
And what about those modded levels textures?
i liked 'em!
WIP project! Should be able to upload a little taste of it soon-ish.
The Devil Deal one is from DoomZero755's Topheth mod.
I find it funny JME is so upset, seeing as he didn't even come up with the idea of Golden hearts in the first place. Grow up.
Heh, guess it is kind of funny.
my mod had 1 comment (by you) and one download (presumably also by you) dont try to lie your way out of this
Actually, your second download was by me. So I could look at the colors of your hearts to make sure they weren't the same.
your mod is literally just my mod changed to have a slightly different colour. the fact that you try to sell it off as its own mod and even go as far as to say "proper" as if mine is bad disgusts me and i hope this mod is removed from the site
Christ, you just really want to win, don't you? Whatever.
I didn't mean to even offend you, I apologize that you were offended. I just wanted to make the colors represent the website better.
It looks like sherlockhomo did it before both of you. Where is he in all of this? :P
Meh, didn't really think it was that big of a difference. :P
what do you think this is? just take my mod and re-upload it. thats not how this works
Like, man - yours are mustard yellow. These ones aren't.
you clearly did. you even commented on my mod
so you took mine, and edited the colour INCREDIBLY slightly? thats still just taking mine.
I didn't even download your mod, dude...
I took a screenshot of my screen and went off the colors of the favicon.
did you or did you not download my already existing mod and lightly eedit the colour?
If I could add my opinion, I do think the moddingofisaac's icon fits much better for a gold-heart mod since the colors are better and its refers to this brilliant website. But you really should have just contacted JME and ask him to improve his mod instead of posting your own mod making it look like it was your original idea. You didn't even mention if you got the idea from someone else :/ not cool, bro.
Thank you for your input without falsely accusing me of theft.
You only slightly recolored the original file so there is actually no way to tell if he used yours. Plus even if he did it is basically the original and he changed that parts you changed.
January 16, 2020 - 9 days ago

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