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Slow, but Prickly
Created 3 years ago
The Cactus makes you so prickly that any enemies that try to deal collision damage to you take damage and run away instead!

You can take out enemies by running into them, just try not to get hit by projectiles/fires/explosions/etc, as those will still hurt.

Keep in mind it will slow you down, also the damage won't trigger on enemies which are not trying to deal collision damage to you (they know better), or while the player is invincible (less cheese).

Steam Workshop

Feedback and bug reports are appreciated.


x 12

- changed item pool

- reduced contact damage

- reduced player move speed

- added fear effect

Is there any required in-game items for this mod? I can't seem to get him to work.
have you tried pressing the ~ button and typing 'giveitem cactus'?
what does the text right above the download button say?
"You're file is now ready for installation"
January 16, 2020 - 5 months ago

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