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Double Active Item
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Created 3 years ago

This mod adds the 'Off' Hand into the game which allows the player to hold a second active item, similar to holding a second pill/card/rune, and to swap active items by pressing the SWAP button (CTRL by default).

An item held by the 'Off' Hand won't charge, but it will retain it's charge value, modded active items should be supported although currently it will display a placeholder graphic.

The mod also includes Sticky Fingers, which when held causes Isaac to instantly pick up every collectible in the room, sometimes it can be a pain, however it does allow you to steal from shops and devil deal rooms.

The mod comes with one challenge, in which Isaac starts with both items.

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Feedback and bug reports are appreciated.


x 9

- updated sprites & item names/descriptions

- updated sprites & item names/descriptions

- added additional item

- added challenge

- added compatibility with 'the battery'

- increased cooldown time

- decreased off-hand item sprite size

- fixed bug preventing switching items after restarting a run

- bugfix

- bugfixes

- bugfixes

January 16, 2020 - 5 months ago

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