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Monstro Variety Pack
Randomly selects a new look for Monstro each time you see him!
Created 4 years ago
A very silly mod that randomly changes Monstro's appearance each time he is encountered. All Monstros are from other mod-makers (list below).

When playing on normal difficulty, the changes are only graphical. On hard difficulty, however, some of the different monstro skins have special abilities. They work a bit like champion versions of the boss.

If you are subscribed to OptionsMod ( or, you can access a settings menu for this mod. There you can change which monstros will appear, and how frequently each one shows up. You can also use this menu to enable special abilities in normal difficulty, or disable them alltogether.

Steam Workshop link for this mod:

[Monstro and Monstro II]
Fancy Monstro:
Quario Quality Monstro:
Isek Monstro:
Delirium Monstro: that's just part of the normal game
Primordial Monstro:

[Monstro Only]
Darkness Monstro:
Monstra the Beutiful:
Watermonstro w/ hat: same as above
Eternal Monstro:
Yin Yang Monstro:
Dentist Mod:
Shrek Monstro:
Fat Demon:

[Monstro II Only]
Water Monstro II:
Monstro III:


x 16

- Added Shrek Monstro

- Added Primordial Monstro

- Added Fat Demon

- Added more options for Optionsmod users

- Balance tweaks for special abilities

i love this kind of mods! keep up and make more mods like this!
January 16, 2020 - 1 year ago

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