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Health Insurance
Money = Health
Created 3 years ago
Health Insurance is a custom active item which allows you to buy heals before you need them.

Using Health Insurance takes 3 coins from you (not working if you have less) and turns heart pickups in the room into coins, when you have empty heart containers it will heal you half a red heart for each time you've used it.

Basically you turn uneeded hearts into easy money and buy hearts in advance for more than the price of shops.

Also your insured level is maintained even if you drop the item, you won't be healed if you don't have it, but it means that you can swap to a different item, then go back and re-swap to heal or before going to the next floor.

Steam Workshop

Feedback and bug reports are appreciated.


x 9

- added heart graphics instead of text

- changed item max charge

- item keeps charge if you don't have enough coins

Predicting this will get popular
Basically another more complex version of Greed's Gullet
January 16, 2020 - 5 months ago

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