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The Lunatic Mod!
It's a crazy, crazy mod (AB+ exclusive!)
Created 3 years ago

Only works with Afterbirth+!


With the latest update, some items may be missing/unfinished because I wanted to update this to fix any pre-existing errors. A proper release will likely occur later in April.

Do note: This mod is in its ALPHA stage of development. Although I have tried to get rid of any possible bugs, there may be some lurking about. If you come across anything (and potentially may know how to get rid of it), let me know. I've got a long way to go before finishing this.

Welcome to the Lunatic Mod!

This mod differs from most "mega mods" currently in development; some of the added content is based on the game's pre-existing themes, some of it is just stuff that I wanted to add in for laughs, and the other stuff is based on a classic game that inspired the mod's name and main theme (Dr. Lunatic: Supreme with Cheese - it's a really cool game similar to the Binding of Isaac, check it out!)

What's in the mod? (at this moment)

- 44+ new items. Some of them are simple, while others really spice things up!
- 18 new enemies. Some are variations of existing enemies, while others are brand new!
- 6 new BOSSES! That's right, there's new bosses!
- Some bosses have been tweaked to make them harder! (Everything's terrible!!)
- 6 new challenges, with even better ones to come up the road
- Two new pickups: Ammo and Chinese Food! When you have ammo, you can use the Shift key when holding some items to use their secondary function, which, of course, costs ammo. Chinese Food heals a random amount of health, and provides fun flavour text!
- Name changes to the Afterbirth alt floors!
(New enemies and bosses sometimes spawn in place of old ones. Do keep that in mind!)

If this interests you, make sure to check out the mod by subscribing! It'll download the mod so you can play it. Make sure to comment what you think of the mod, and what I can add to make it better! I want to make this mod as great as it can be!!

Also, huge shoutout to Lytebringr for his awesome tutorials, and Wertandrew2 for making music for this mod (which will appear in future updates!)


x 32

- Adds a lot of new stuff! Zoo wee mama!

- Fixed some of the newer items

I really like this mod .... Great fun so far! Im currently playing it on youtube feel free to take a look! ^^
Thanks m8! I updated it on the workshop, and will do so here later this week. If you've been enjoying it so far, you're about to enjoy it even more.
seems pretty interesting! gotta download it now!
I thought it was linked to the french youtuber 123lunatic...
I think that's a different mod, I found another mod with the word "Lunatic" in it. Funny stuff xD
wait by new bosses do you mean relating others?
also it crashes my game when i start a run
I think I fixed whatever was causing it to crash.
First thing I thought when seeing the title screen:
"I'm in for a ride."
January 16, 2020 - 7 months ago

Maintenance complete! We have moved to a new web server! Speed and stability should be improved. If you notice any issues, please mention them in our Discord server.