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Improved Lilith!!!
Gives Lilith more power... 9 Incubuses more.
Created 7 years ago

Have you ever looked at Lilith and thought, "Man, I wish Lilith was more powerful?"

Well now she has that extra power!!!

Introducing the Improved Lilith Mod!!!

This mod gives Lilith 10 Incubuses (or is it Incubi?) instead of one.

How To Install:

1. Open the .zip
2. Open "Improved Lilith."
3. Take the files inside "Improved Lilith" and put them in your resources folder.
4. Enjoy!!

5. Heart my work!!!

(Note: Rerolling items with D4, D100, or Dice Rooms will remove 9 of the Incubuses.)

(Second note: This is an Afterbirth ONLY mod.)


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Ignore my hideous win streak, and the fact I haven't finished Lilith on hard mode yet.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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