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Game Breaker's Mod
A mod to help you find game breaking combos!!!
Created 7 years ago

Have you ever wished you could bust the game more often?

Well now you can find those game-break combos much easier!!!

With this mod, the combos com crawling to you!!!
Find stuff like:

  • Blank Card
  • Diplopia + Steam Sale + Restock
  • IV Bag + Isaac's Heart + Bum friend

Much more often!!!

How to install:

1. Open the .zip
2. Take either the Afterbirth or Rebirth version, open it up, and put the itempools file into your resources folder.
3. Enjoy!!!

(4. Heart my work!!!)


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does the mod work In greed/greedIer mode ?
It works for afterbirth (including greed mode) and rebirth, but not AB+. (And you would have known that if you had read the entire mod's description.)
Anybody who celebrates the fact that they made the first comment is trash. No offense, but why would that be impressive in the slightest?
i don't know why it would be impressive sorry and i already think of myself as trash so don't worry the flies that appear on the screen that you can kill do anything
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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