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The Binding Of Isaac Lewis and Clark
Adds six new items and a new final boss
Created 3 years ago
**This was my history project so that's why there's such a big essay

Hello, I would like to show you all a part of my monument for Lewis and Clark.
When I was first beginning to design this project, I contemplated on what form I wanted to display my model in.
A 3D model? A Minecraft build? No, that would be far too mundane.
Perhaps, I shall program a function that, when executed, will serve a modification (Mod for short) of one of my favorite pastimes, The Binding Of Isaac.
A video game in which you are running from your mother because she wants to kill so you jump into a basement and fight through floors of hearts, skeletons, demons, and even Satan himself, armed with nothing but your tears.
So, I began to model my program after metaphors.
The pebble in the pond, the fatal moment, a paradise lost, seeds of change, the hand in the basin, and the bug in the board.
I created six items based on what I the thought the metaphors would do.
The pebble in the pond creates ripples of tears every few seconds that rip though enemies.
This represents the ripples that will echo forever, unless they are halted.
Always changing both the culture and society that it rushes through.
The fatal moment converts all of your red health into blue health.
This represents the moment when the Indians first met the white people.
The Indians were forever changed with new beliefs and new technologies.
The paradise lost turns all your foes against each other.
When getting close to you, enemies will run the other way.
This represents how the paradise that the Indians had was destroyed when they met the white men, they ran, fought, and even stole from each other.
The seeds of change gives a slowing effect to all your foes, but you go down two floors at a time, forcing you to fight harder bosses and enemies earlier.
This represents how the Indians slowed down their philosophy and science because they had to deal with harsh political conditions.
It also represents how the White people sped up because they quickly obtained more land and fulled growth.
The hand in the basin is complicated. Every tick (60 times per second) the game will roll a 500-sided die.
If that die lands on a one, and an enemy has less than half of its health, then it turns it into a very weak enemy, that can usually be kilt in one hit.
This represents how Lewis and Clark had a very strong impact on a select few Indians (like Sacagawea), but had almost no impact on other Indians.
The bug in the board will spawn ten "attack flies" per room that will seek out enemies and deal twice of your damage to them and then disappear.
This represents how the impact of Lewis and Clark was not noticed immediately, but the seeds that they sew grew into a great impact in society.
After programming these items, I thought to myself, "Well these items are good and all, but it wouldn't make much sense to build 6 models for a model building competition."
Then I proceeded to program a new final boss for the game, it was a giant apple that spawns worms, tears, and other monsters.
Why an apple? Well the main goal of Lewis and Clark's expedition was to chart the unknown lands of America for later explorers to use and enjoy.
Well one of those explores was Jonny Appleseed, he used some of the maps to find his way across the country.
I made an apple because they are the most simple symbol for Jonny Appleseed.

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this was some sorta essay so why is vanilla misspelled
I am so hyped right now Can I find this mod on Steam Workshop?
I can honestly say that this is one of the best mods ^^
Wow thanks I don't think so though...
I really love new bosses and monsters but it's probably quite hard to create them so I haven't found many mods like this. I like the most Antibirth and Your mod is my second favorite mod I can't wait for more from You! It's gonna be amazing ;)
If you have better sprites, then post them here
This mod really deserves better sprites because it's awesome ^^ Maybe You can ask about sprites on Isaac's Reddit?
I don't have a Reddit account :P. Also no I'm not putting this on steam
What a pity ;) But still this mod is awesome ♥
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