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The Binding of Planet Dolan
Play as your favorite Planet Dolan Characters!
Created 8 years ago
This mod is an extensive re-texture of characters and certain items adapting them to the likenesses of the Planet Dolan crew.

AB+ edition now on the Steam Workshop!


-Danger Dolan as Isaac
-Doopie Do Over as Maggie
-Hellbent as Cain
-Pringle The One as Judas
-Slapped Ham as ???
-Melissa as Eve
-Pandora as Sampson
-Nixxiom as Azazel
-Gooby as Lazarus
-Dolan's Mysterious Brother as Eden
-Ghost Toast as The Lost

-The Animators as The 7 Deadly Sins

-The Writers and Editors as Various Monsters

-A secret Boss

-And a secret Transformation...

Issues and Disclaimers

-Many Item combinations will break Character appearances.

-I was unable to put every single member of the crew in game as there is not an official list posted as of yet.

-I do not claim to own any of The Planet Dolan Characters or their likenesses.


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It should be "The Binding of Planet Cringe" Instead.
Good mod!...but,I would probably like it more if you changed the starting items,not that you need to,it would just be pretty neat if ya did that.
It would be entirely possible to do however, didn't want to change the base game play in any way. It's good for beginners or game breaking veterans.
wow nice job on the sprites you deserve a heart
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!